HILLSBORO, OR (KPTV) – A man is recovering at Tuality Hospital after he was stabbed in the face and neck with a box knife, according to the Hillsboro Police Department.

Peter Ramirez, 37, told officers he was walking on Southeast 2nd Avenue between Southeast Baseline Street and Southeast Washington Street Sunday evening when a stranger cut him with a box knife.

Ramirez walked about a half-mile to the hospital after the incident with serious injuries.

Police said Ramirez provided a detailed description of the suspect, who was found and detained after a short foot chase near where Ramirez said he was attacked, according to police.

Enrique Zacarias Diaz, 26, was later arrested and lodged at the Washington County Jail. He is facing charges of first-degree assault and unlawful use of a weapon.

Diaz was convicted of a similar attack in 2017 when he slashed a stranger with a butter knife on a MAX train in Beaverton and was sentenced to two years in prison.

Police continue to investigate and say no additional information is available for release.

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Get a concealed carry permit and use it. Life isn't getting any safer in this state. The police can't protect you, you're on your own.

kyle H

It reminds me of Jimmy Carter's grand idea to burn Castro back in the late 70s by announcing that if Cubans wanted to, and had the means to do so, they could go just a few miles off the Cuban coast on anything that would float and Coast Guard would pick them up and bring them to US. Mariel boat lift, was the name. So Castro, having heard the news had something for the ol' peanut farmer from Plains, GA. He swept out his prisons and psych wards and put them on whatever might float and shoved them out into the current. He waited a few days and then called Jimmy to explain who it was that got burned on the deal. So, like the movie Scarface, we corraled them up, those we could locate and put them all in the stadium tried to figure out who we let into our country. BTW;. We still have a few Cubans who are in Federal prison all throughout the country not because they committed any crime in the US, but because we couldn't identify them independently or because they could not come up with someone willing and eligible to sponsor them here. Can you imagine, Over 40 freaking years. Anyway, got sidetracked. It seems we have a great deal of hispanics who are raping a lot and freaks like this who are just choosing folks out on the street and doing the most unimaginable things like this.

Lawlessness Brings Destruction

WTH! Is this miscreant doing a gang/cartel hit, an initiation ritual, or is he just a racist? He did 2 years in prison for stabbing someone with a butter knife. He seems to have enough intellect to know the duller the knife, the more tissue damage it does. He sounds like cartel material to me, the sadistic little maggot. BTW, would he happen to have an ICE hold on him??? Thank your local Democrat politician for their state, county, and city sanctuary polices if he does have an ICE hold. It's a safe bet that 98% of those Democrat politicians are open borders/illegal alien amnesty leftists. They have the blood of innocent people on their hands.

Double lung em

I agree. you nailed it!

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