PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – Portland police say a driver crashed into someone’s backyard on Northeast 137th Avenue while street racing down Northeast Halsey Street in Portland Wednesday afternoon.

According to officers, everyone is going to be OK.

Neighbor George Bellcoff tells FOX 12 he hears people street racing in the area several times a week.

“It’s very loud, and very quick,” said Bellcoff. “They think they’re not driving recklessly.”

Police say a white car was street racing when it plowed into a parked van. That van crashed into the home it was parked at, and the white car went into its backyard.

“Looks like a tornado went through there,” said Bellcoff.

The family living at the home did not want to go on camera, but tells FOX 12 they ran outside and watched as a man walked, unfazed, right out of his car.

They told him to wait because they were going to call police.

“I do feel for them, most definitely because this will be an impact to their life. And it could change their thoughts about living where they live,” said Bellcoff.

Police say the person behind the wheel of the white car is in custody for reckless driving. At last check, officers were testing the driver to see if he was under the influence during the crash.

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(1) comment

kyle H

Of course it cannot simply be a guy who is stone cold straight, who decided to put everyone in the community, who he potentially could have injured, at risk of his own stupidity. I've "street" raced, just last night, from the foster on ramp of 205, from the light across the road and up onto the freeway to about Powell. The "risk" to the general public was, at most, very minimal. But on a city street, like Halsey, which is all residential in that area. This guy should lose his license, for years, the vehicle he was operating, and get locked up for a few years, until he is able to reimburse those who were impacted by his actions and suffered financially, regardless of insurance or not. He should have to repair or replace the van he drove into along with all damages associated with his actions directly and indirectly, and actually remain at a restitution center until he meets this obligations- without regard for any escapes or other violations. If it takes him twenty years to do it. If he escapes and goes to prison for that crime, when released he returned to the work release facility until fully paid up. BET YA that type of sentencing will draw the attention of these fools who take over Marine drive on a weekly basis to race.

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