Police: Suspect caught on camera attacking people with handsaw in Portland laundromat

Image from surveillance video of assault at northeast Portland laundromat, provided by the Portland Police Bureau. Jail booking photo of Shane Vordelmicha Green on right. (KPTV)

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - A man was caught on camera attacking people with a handsaw inside a Portland laundromat, according to police.

Officers were first called out to the 2700 block of Northeast Weidler Street at 4:12 p.m. July 17. An initial 911 caller stated the suspect had hit their car with a handsaw before continuing west on Weidler Street.

More 911 calls came in, including reports that the suspect assaulted people with the handsaw and a belt – including two people in a laundromat – broke the windshields of several vehicles and threatened additional people with the saw.

Surveillance video captured the assault at the laundromat.

Officers arrived in the area and found the suspect near the 2100 block of Northeast Weidler Street. Police ordered the suspect to stop and drop the handsaw, but officers said he refused and continued walking.

The suspect said he was going to make the officers shoot him, according to investigators.

The suspect then walked into the middle of traffic and continued to yell at the officers that they would need to hurt him to stop him.

Police said the suspect then advanced toward the officers with the handsaw.

The officers used less-lethal munition against the suspect, and he threw down the handsaw.

Police said they continued talking to him to deescalate the situation, however, “several bystanders interrupted their conversation with him by screaming and taunting the officers, only increasing his level of agitation again,” according to the Portland Police Bureau.

Eventually, police said “calm conversation and active listening” led to the suspect being safely taken into custody.

Shane Vordelmicha Green, 58, was arrested on charges including second-degree assault, unlawful use of a weapon, attempted assault, strangulation, menacing, harassment, disorderly conduct, reckless endangering and disorderly conduct.

The case remains under investigation and anyone who was victimized during this situation is asked to contact detectives at 503-823-0400.

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(17) comments


Why didn't the police grant his request and put a bullet in him?


Because the mayor would put the police in jail.

Frederick Fukov

Great..the cops are doing their duty and protecting the public..but then you have radical leftist losers yelling at the cops because..of course..they're dealing with a black man. It doesn't matter that the guy's screws are loose, and he's a danger to everyone near him. The radical leftist losers will still blame the police, because that's what low-life losers do.


We can expect the blm to start more riots now. After all, being a black now means you are innocent of all crimes you have committed, past, present or future and the leaders of these terrorists are encouraging them to destroy anything they want. Leaders like the obama's, sharpton, jackson and the NAACP are giving them free reign. A war is coming and they will not like the outcome.


When that war starts in going to take you out myself.


What the heck was he on? mayor pookie's in actions has embolden antifa/BLM rioters to interfere with the police in any situation. Even when they are trying to take someone who is a clear and present danger due to drugs, a mental health crisis, or both. This is now a very dangerous place to be for both the police and the suspect that they are trying to take into custody.


Its amazing he's still alive.

Portland cops love shooting and killing criminal and mentally ill suspects.




Oh, but the man was black. Black Lives Matter above all. Police is bad. So, I am surprised the officers were not attacked and injured by people judging them.


The clowns who were taunting the Officers should have been tased. They were impacting an ongoing situation and were criminals too

Frederick Fukov

Yep, that's obstruction and harassment. They could have and should have been charged.


Where is the crime in "taunting?"

There isn't.



Eliza Cassan

he'll get off easy no doubt, Hardesy is already petitioning a bill to release him

R. V. Jones

This is one reason you carry if you can.

Frederick Fukov

I never go anywhere without it. This kind of scenario can happen anywhere, any time. I hope to gawd I never have to pull it. Chances are I won't. But to me, it's just a form of proactive preparedness..like another level of immediate protective life insurance.

Frederick Fukov

In New York..he would have been.

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