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VANCOUVER, WA (KPTV) – A Vancouver police officer shot a man who the department said refused to comply with demands to drop a baseball bat after officers responded to a disturbance at a home Thanksgiving evening.

Just after 7 p.m., officers with the Vancouver Police Department responded to a reported disturbance at a home in the 2300 block of Southeast 177th Avenue.

According to police, a family member at the home texted 911 to report that their 23-year-old relative was “out of control” and they feared for their safety.

At the time of the incident, several members of the family, including an elderly woman, were inside the home.

When officers arrived at the scene, the reported relative was outside the house.

Police said the man then went inside and was seen moving to various areas in the home. At one point, officers saw the man grab a bat.

VPD said the Mobile Crisis Team responded and was “unable to de-escalate the individual.”

Police deployed a less lethal 40 mm device, which was “ineffective” on the man. He refused multiple commands to drop the bat, according to VPD.

He then advanced toward officers outside the home from the opened garage door “in an apparent attempt to assault them,” police said.

It was then an officer fired his gun, shooting the man.

The man was transported to a hospital. VPD did not describe the extent of his injuries and his current condition is not known.

Neither the man nor the officer involved in the shooting were identified by police.

The officer was placed on critical incident leave in accordance with standard department protocol.

The SW Washington Independent Investigative Response Team, led by the Clark County Sheriff’s Office, is conducting the shooting investigation.

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The suspect must be caucasian since theirs no rioting going on...[thumbup][lol][thumbup]


Im waiting for the mindless loser parade of protesters to take to the streets.

Mr Q

So the social workers weren’t able to talk the guy down? But I thought that was exactly what they were supposed to be doing?


Resistance if futile.


This is what happens when you substitute deadly force for physical fitness, size and numbers. A lot of these shootings would not happen if the physical requirements (big and fit) for police had not been eliminated under the guise of political correctness and the concept of team strategy replaced by an every man for himself mentality. Even high school footballers understand this concept.:)


Gee! Gosh-O-GOLLY!! Do you think drugs and/or alcohol were involved? I bet the dude was a loser anyway...



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