PORTLAND, Ore. (KPTV) - FOX 12 is hearing from big businesses in our area about what they think of the federal government’s vaccine mandate for companies and how they plan to implement that.

President Biden says any business with 100 or more workers will have to make sure they’re vaccinated or tested for COVID weekly.

It’s expected to impact more than 80 million workers in the private sector. 

Columbia Sportswear CEO Tim Boyle is all in favor of the OSHA rule. They have a policy that offers financial and other incentives for employees who get vaccinated, but he says it hasn’t been enough to get everyone on board.

He hopes this will encourage people more.

“We’re thrilled that the federal government is finally taking some leadership here and that the president has said this is not a game we’ve got to get this thing under control and the way to do that is to have everyone vaccinated. This is about taking care of everybody and ourselves,” Boyle, said.

Columbia will have to make sure its rule complies with the federal order and figure out how the testing component will work for those who aren’t vaccinated. Businesses at this point are waiting on those federal guidelines to know exactly how to move forward.

Portland-area businesses prepare guidance for workers following federal vaccine rule announcement

Image: KPTV

For example a spokesperson from New Seasons tells us they don’t have a vaccination requirement right now, but will comply once they have the information. They sent a statement with some of their efforts so far saying in part…

“For interested staff, we’ve provided supplemental paid time off to receive vaccinations, and we created opportunities for individuals and their families to receive vaccinations at dedicated clinics at out Store Support office. Average vaccination rates in our stores exceed the community average.”

Hoping to prevent another school year from being upended by the pandemic, President Joe Biden visited a Washington middle school Friday to push his new COVID plan, accusing some Republican governors of being “cavalier” with the health of children.

As for some other big businesses in our area, McMenamin’s currently doesn’t have a vaccine requirement either and will be working out the details for its new policy.

The Portland Trail Blazers and Rose Quarter do have a policy for all full and part-time staff to be fully vaccinated by November 1 unless they have a religious or medical exemption.

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(9) comments


Order or not these companies need to stand up to it….oh wait Columbia known for great outdoor gear once now woke! Best golf course in NW and oldest destroyed by the M brothers oh yeah woke. New season biggest left local store around. So woke they are mask Police. Stopped going there during height of the common cold. When refused to let me in lol fine with me. It’s all a complete joke. Open eyes people all being lied too.

Moved on


and yet again with point less comments.



And yet here you are- reading them.

Moved on

nope not a one.


If there is a risk of harm, there should be a choice in the matter. Period.

Thinking Person

Typical comment from Boyle. Back in the day Columbia was the only sportswear company that used to drug test for employment. They couldn't understand why none of the "cool people" wanted to work for them. Same with this scheme. in Oregon you still have a right for medical or religious exemption. If they refuse your exemption you can receive unemployment if they let you go.

Liberal Wasteland

I won't have anything to do with anything Columbia Sportswear makes and sells. Nor will I ever spend a dime at Gearhart. Tim and the McMs destroyed it when they did a major reconstruction, and turned it into a resort course. I mean, you had a course that was essentially built by God, that opened in 1892. It was always a little rustic, it was a little rough around the edges in places, but it was organic and authentic, the way a seaside links course is supposed to be. Now? It's fake, overrated, and way overpriced. I'd rather go play the 9 holer in Seaside. It's a lot more fun, and a lot less pretentious. I'd rather hang out with real people. Boyle is just a little rich boy tool, and if he wants to go along with the new world order and infringe on other people's rights, well..then that's pretty typical for he and his kind.


Patagonia is the same. Overpriced junk made in china and a heavy political bias.


Potato Joe's tyrannical over reach with his unconstitutional federal vaccine mandates is going to be tied up in the courts for months, if not years.

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