New scheduling system starts for Oregon Convention Center COVID-19 vaccines

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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – In an effort to boost Oregon’s first-dose vaccination rate for adults, the three Portland metro area mass COVID-19 vaccination sites will be giving away $100 gift cards to two grocery store chains over the next few days while supplies last.  

All4Oregon announced the incentive Thursday for new vaccine patients at the Oregon Convention Center, PDX Red Lot and Hillsboro Stadium. Approximately 1,500 patients who come to the sites to receive a first dose of COVID-19 vaccine will also receive a $100 Fred Meyer or Safeway gift card. The gift card giveaway will start at Hillsboro Stadium site Friday and at the PDX Red Lot and OCC Saturday. The gift cards will be handed out on a first-come, first-serve basis while supplies last, All4Oregon said.  

The gift cards will be given to adults and any vaccine patients 12-17 who have their parent or legal guardian's permission. Those who are receiving a second vaccine dose are exempt from the giveaway. Vaccines are available by walk-up/drive-thru depending on the site or by appointment, though scheduling one is not necessary. The Oregon Convention Center is only administering doses of the Johnson & Johnson and second shots of Pfizer, Hillsboro Stadium is only administering Pfizer shots and the PDX Red lot has all three vaccines available. All three vaccination sites are scheduled to end operations soon; June 19 for the OCC and June 25 for PDX and Hillsboro Stadium.

This is the latest incentive offered to those who have been hesitant to receive a COVID-19 shot in Oregon. Other efforts have included the state’s “Take Your Shot Oregon” lottery with cash prizes and scholarships as well as bars offering free beer. Gov. Kate Brown has said Oregon’s COVID-19 restrictions will be mostly lifted once 70% the state’s adult population has received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. As of noon Thursday, Oregon was 2.8% of adults shy of that threshold, equal to 93,444 people statewide.

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(22) comments


Oregon has been turned into a septic tank.


Pretty much.


Makes you wonder how much money these stores are getting from the government to push the experimental gene therapy


It's one of those things that make you go humm...

Eliza Cassan

selling the vax? too bad all those people who already got it, they get nothing


You can't buy me. They only way you are getting me to take the vaccine is if you hold me down and force it into my system.




Ebola outbreak of 2013

Asian Flu pandemic of 1957

Hong Kong Flu pandemic of 1968

Bird Flu pandemic of 1997

Swine Flu pandemic of 2009

Polio epidemic

SARS Pandemic

And these are just a few. Where were the shutdowns and lock downs for these? Where were all the bribes and what nots to get people to take ‘jabs ‘for these pandemics? Why the rush to get everybody in the USA jabbed against ‘Covid-19’? Is there something in these vaccines that they are not telling us, other than the J&J causing blood clots and the Pfizer and Moderna causing heart inflammations, because if there was nobody would take the ‘jab’? Why the so-called 70% number? There is no rhyme or reason for this number, it is just a random number pulled out of a hat. 51% would work just as good as 70%, right?


You are right again.


Moved on

then keep using a mask and crying over it.

its your chose, lol


Guess you haven't heard the one that masks don't work from your Dr Fauci. Go to his own emails where he says exactly that.

Agreed that having the vaccination is your choice - but, please don’t ridicule those who have the vaccination for a multitude of reasons than the tired rhetoric and rationale of the anti-vaxers.

devils advocate

So you're saying don't be too hard on the sheeple who are willing to be guinea pigs to big pharma? OK. Just remember, your using the term anti-vaxxer as an insult, while it really refers to the population that has done independent investigations and made a choice based on evidence, and not to what a paid member of the medical field has told them.


"independent investigations" lol. that's code for facebooking while on the john.

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

I prefer the term "common sense independent thinker who is not ignorant enough to take a risk on what the government is telling actually true."


Why does it say get the Johnson and Johnson shot then for the second dose, Pfizer. Since when is Johnson and Johnson two shots and why would somebody get a different brand shot? If they tried this incentive and they were done giving out gift cards, the person can just say, nevermind this then and leave until somebody better comes up. I would.

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

This is the problem with the entire process. We've been getting incomplete, inaccurate, and completely dishonest information from the start. How can any of us truly trust anyone in our own government? Clearly, they all have personal agendas. Look at the obnoxious little Ferengi Anthony Fauci. What a tool he turned out to be. Dude should be in prison right now, but no, he's still on his promotional book tour. It's just sick. Dude lied. He lied to congress, he's lied to Senators, he's lied to all of us. Because of a lack of trust, I'm not allowing anyone to stick a needle in my arm; not once, not twice..not ever. I don't get flu shots, and I never get the flu. My immune system is strong, and I'm highly conscious of my surroundings. I haven't called in sick in years. I live alone. I don't go out where people are in groups and unprotected. I work alone. I have no underlying health issues. I don't drink, I don't smoke, and no, I'm not getting the vaccine under any there.


[thumbup] No jab for me either.


'obnoxious little Ferengi' Awesome comparison! Love it! [thumbup][thumbup][beam][beam]


Guess I should have waited to get vaccinated…I wouldn’t mind getting a $100 gift card.


The answer is still no.

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

So what is the price of one's soul? Apparently, it's now $100.00.

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