Portland bike shop loses 9 bikes after smash-and-grab, slow police response

Image provided to KPTV

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – Boarded up windows are becoming a way of life for some Portland businesses.

Sheets of plywood covering up windows and doors is no longer unusual in downtown areas of the city, and some businesses in other neighborhoods of Portland are following suit after experiencing an uptick in burglaries.

“This is sort of like a last resort action,” said Clever Cycles co-owner, Eva Frazier from her boarded-up bike shop on Monday.

Frazier said her businesses has been hit repeatedly since March.

“We’ve had three successful burglaries and nine broken windows,” Frazier said.

The latest break-in was early Sunday morning, and by far, the worst.

Surveillance video shows a suspect throwing a rock through the window and then go back and forth, grabbing several bikes and shoving them into his white SUV.

Frazier said police did not respond for an hour, leaving time for other thieves to stumble upon an opportunity.

Another video shows a separate group stealing bikes.

“it was a pretty tough loss for us,” Frazier said. “I’ve cried several times -- it’s difficult. I think we’re all feeling a little tired.”

Altogether, Frazier said nine bikes were stolen, totaling nearly $20,000 in losses.

“We’ve always had break-ins, people smashing windows and taking bikes, we’ve never seen this slow of response time from the Portland Police Department,” Frazier said.

It’s a big problem in Portland and one police blame on the relentless protests and riots that have consumed the city.

Officers assigned to work crowd control are pulled from their normal duties, and remaining police are spread thin to respond to crime.

“At this point, hopefully, our insurance company keeps us around,” Frazier said.

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(13) comments

Goose Goose

Most people that do these brazen thefts are repeat offenders. When they talk about cost of keeping people in jail compared to cost of handing out "housing" they absolutely do not give consideration to the cost borne by others for things they do on the streets with their freedom. If they were not catching and releasing repeat offenders, there'd be less opportunity for them to offend, because they won't be out on the streets.


Why bother selling anything when no one is coming into downtown to BUY? And, after having your windows smashed 8-9 times, maybe invest in rolling metal doors like they have in NYC? Better yet, stop voting for incompetent liberals or relocate your business.


These are your own left wing losers. Portland continuing to reap what it sows. So many boarded up businesses and many that have closed for good. What a disaster this city has become.


Sad, but true. You get what you vote for.

Eliza Cassan

Kate, Ted and Hardesty all say this is Trump's fault because of his words and actions. Well then they have to start taking responsibility for their words and actions. Send the $20,000 theft bill to them, since their words and actions, rather in-actions, are directly causing the riots and lack of police resources.



Herb Eaverschmels

Is anyone surprised of a slow police response due to all officers are being put through at the moment? Don't worry folks; Ted will disperse social workers to investigate this right away.


Pretty soon insurance stops covering this. Bike shops across town have been victims of looting and broken windows several times.


Police slow to respond?????? They may have been busy with the endless riots and multiple daily shootings.


They've been committing a slowdown. It's what cops do whenever anyone starts talking about reforms. It's illegal for them to strike, so they stop responding to calls instead and let more crimes happen so that people will go "look what happens without them!" and it derails any talks of reforms. Judging by these comments, it's a very successful tactic. People take it hook, line, and sinker.

PDX is a warzone

And these idiots want to defund the police. Without police you will have total anarchy. Maybe a few weeks of that will bring them back to reality.

Frederick Fukov

No it won't. Nothing is going to change the fanatical idealism mindset of the radical liberals in Portland. Of all of this kind on the west coast now, the Portland Liberal is the absolute worst. Look at what a bunch of cowards and enablers we have at City Hall and down in Salem. They don't denounce it at all. Not a word from them when an unarmed Trump supporter was murdered in cold blood.

Our local political "leaderless" are doing nothing about it, because they want this. They are so far gone mentally, that they actually believe all of this is going to help their chances of defeating Trump in a few weeks. They've flat lost their minds.

If I were a business owner in Portland. I would close my doors and move to another city. Maybe when enough businesses move..and enough families and individuals move, and Portland starts to look like the ghost town they're now creating..but no, not even then will these pods ever change. This is beyond TDS. What's going on in the minds of Portland liberals is an infectious disease.


"They don't denounce it at all. Not a word from them when an unarmed Trump supporter was murdered in cold blood."

That's patently false. I don't know what else to say - making up lies to serve your view of Portland as a "warzone" must feel good I guess? Pretty much every local leader condemned the violence.

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