PORTLAND, Ore. (KPTV) - The owner of a local restaurant is still assessing his losses after his business was burglarized for the third time in over a month.

The latest burglary happened Friday night at The Fields Bar & Grill. Owner Jim Rice says he feels the city isn’t doing enough to address crimes hitting his business and others around Portland, but he says short-term solutions may be too little too late.

On security video from the restaurant, you can see a man walking around and grabbing some items, including in IPad, and then the man leaves.

“It’s horrible, I mean it’s not just us. I’m just one person and one business. We’ve had a lot of businesses around us getting robbed and getting hit,” Rice said.

He said he’s been burglarized three times in the last month. One incident happened last week, the other at the end of October when a person was caught stealing a safe with $8,000 inside.

“I had a boss who said it takes three to make a trend. Now we’ve had three robberies all in the last 35 days. That tells me we’re just in the beginning of this,” Rice added.

Each one of these break-ins is costing Rice thousands of dollars, impacting the revenue of his restaurant.

Rice blames the city government for the rise of crime in Portland. He says city leaders are inefficient at addressing a problem impacting all Portlanders.

“We have a five-mayor system that’s there. We have a city council that has spent a lot of energy to defund and demoralize our police,” Rice said.

He says he is optimistic that Portland will turn around, but he doesn’t believe it will happen anytime soon.

“We’ve moved in a very ugly direction and it will eventually move all the way back. The problem is, short term damage is going to take a long term to be able to fix it,” Rice said.

Rice was the target of protests earlier this year. He says from then until now, it’s been quiet. Because of the crime in Portland, he says he’s steering away from investing in the city and Oregon as a whole. Moving that money to Washington.

He says other local business owners are starting to do the same.

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