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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – The Portland City Council voted Wednesday, they do not want Portland Police Bureau officers to continue to be deputized as U.S. Marshals by the federal government.

A vote on a resolution is one that council hopes sends a message to the feds to end it.

The council is not happy that 56 Portland police officers remain deputized. That happened before several demonstrations were planned in Portland in September

Several groups were set to gather around different parts of the city on Sept. 26. Oregon Governor Kate Brown declared an emergency and put Oregon State Police and Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office in charge of public safety.

According to Mayor Ted Wheeler at some point the decision was made to federally deputize Portland police officers and he wasn’t a part of the conversation nor any elected Portland official.

“The decision was apparently made at some point to deputize these officers not just for the duration the event but for the remainder of first term as the Mayor of Portland,” Wheeler said. “That is obviously not the way we engage with other agencies.”

There has been a back in forth with the city and federal government about removing the deputized designation but that has not happened.

Law enforcement has said the move gives federal prosecutors the option to charge anyone arrested by those deputized officers with federal crimes on a case by case basis.

Wheeler says operationally they have ended the deputization at the bureau but now there is a legal dispute between the federal government and the city.

At Wednesday’s city council meeting Commissioner JoAnn Hardesty said she would like to see all 56 deputized officers on desk duty until this is all figured out.


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(9) comments

Son of Fukov

Dear deputized officers,

Please arrest Ted Wheeler, Joanne Hardesty, Kate Brown, and the rest of the Un-American traitors we have in Oregon leadership. They have actively put lives in danger and promote destruction of private and public property. Surely there are federal laws that they can be charged with that cannot be dismissed by your local superiors.


Then when people start crying for help and don't get any, what will the council do? Easy answer, the same one they have been using for four years. Blame Trump. Can you imagine what this situation would be like with obama or clinton running it? We'd be in deep doo doo. Same thing if creepy joe was president, or I should say if harris was president, which is what will happen if he gets elected.


What is sad is people of Oregon actually agree with the governors and mayors tactics.

They enjoy being pons just so Trump won't get elected.... I don't know about the rest of you but I am tired of the lock down and masks masks 6 feet apart No holiday gatherings! They control us like sheep and Oregonians just follow the leaders!

What's wrong with freedom?


Well said. You are not alone.


Ohhhh Mr President it's time to hold Oregon or Portland accountable.... Don't like the Federal Government No problem No money from them either! Send them a blank check Mr President they get nothing from now on!

Frederick Fukov

For those of us who want true law and order restored to our city, the only thing we can hope for is a Trump victory, and then his executive order that calls for Marshal Law. Since that dingbat down in Salem won't do her job and call up the Oregon National Guard, the only alternative is for the President to send the regular military into Portland. Please Mr. President, please send the regulars here to wipe out this street terrorism insurgency.


Hope springs eternal. And, just in case, I have my Ruger and S&W as back-up.


Democrats will do anything in order not to hold criminals, rioters and looters accountable for their actions. What a rotten little city. Crime will spiral out of control and the future looks bleak for a return to a civilized society.


Portland is beyond saving at this point. As soon as I can move away, I will. But, there's a THREE-MONTH waiting list for a moving truck! Looks like I'm not alone!!

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