PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - After a month of nightly demonstrations in the Portland metro area, police say they've become more destructive.

During a protest near City Hall Sunday evening, people could be seen climbing the building then taking down security cameras.

Police say the rise in vandalism and violence goes back to last Thursday when protesters barricaded the doors of the North Precinct building and lit part of it on fire while people were still inside.

The crowd also damaged several businesses in that area.

On Friday night, demonstrators attempted to block the doors of the Justice Center with plastic road barricades. They also spray painted some of the cameras on the building.

Demonstrators also tried to block the doors of the Central Precinct.

Officers say there were several fake calls to police dispatch as well.

FOX 12 has reached to the Portland Police Bureau to see if there were any arrests made Sunday night. Police said they will release information later Monday afternoon.

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(8) comments

Sun Tzu

'Portland City Hall vandalized during overnight protest' The blame for this vandalism, and all the recent vandalism in Portland, is squarely upon the shoulders of Ted wheeler and Kate brown.


NOTHING is ever enough for the mob. You give in to their demands and they still vandalize and destroy property.

Frederick Fukov

Until there is a legitimate deterrent which forces the domestic terrorists to start thinking about their own mortality, this will continue. This is just a game to these punks. There are no consequences. And sadly this is what they learned at home, and they learned at school. In fact, it would surprise me..like..not at all..if there are actual PPS teachers among the anarchists. These little marxists are hurling brick, lighting fires, injuring police officers and destroying this city, and Ted just sits there. What a pussywillow..minus the willow. If the cops can't use gas, then why can't they at least use water cannons? HeII, deploy water cannons, and throw bars of soap at the terrorists, Chances are it will be the first shower they had in weeks.

Eliza Cassan

Wheeler and Brown should be jailed for aiding and abetting domestic ter-rorism

pb sir

When you have spineless, cowardly "Leaders" in charge, this is what happens. Why would anyone want to keep their business in downtown Portland after all of this destruction? At the very least, insurance rates are going to increase, I would imagine.


Unless or until Wheeler decides to act like a mayor, and stop this nonsense, we will have these rioters destroying downtown. Businesses will move, the area will decay, and downtown Portland will be desolate. Stop this now!!

Delta Bravo

Ted Wheeler = Neville Chamberlain.

Frederick Fukov

Oh heII no. Neville Chamberlain was Joseph Stalin compared to Wheeler.

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