PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – Portland City Commissioners are considering banning the use of facial recognition technology as people raise concerns regarding privacy and accuracy.

The commission Tuesday held a work session to begin looking into the issue.

The proposal could prevent government agencies from using the identification technology. It could also restrict corporations and retailers in Portland from using the technology.

For example, the Jackson’s Food Store on Southeast Grand recently installed a camera that can scan faces to “prevent future theft and potential danger from happening”.

In order for a person to walk inside, they must first look at the camera. The company that makes the product, Blue Line Technology, says people who are wearing masks will not be able to enter.

Some who have studied facial recognition technology say it often misidentifies people, especially people of color and women.

“These are matters of privacy and consent and civil rights,” Jo Ann Hardesty, Portland city commissioner, said. “The technology is currently extremely biased against people of color and women. Even if these problems are improved – automated surveillance and the collection of biometric data is unacceptable. We need to take a strong stand that the surveillance state is not welcome in the city of Portland.”

Facial recognition is being used all over the U.S. It relies on artificial intelligence and can match the faces of real-life people to images in databases. Privacy advocates and some commissioners worry about how law enforcement agencies use this technology.

San Francisco and Oakland have recently banned or restricted the use of facial recognition for their police forces and other government agencies. Portland City Commissioners could vote to ban the technology for private and public agencies as soon as November.

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(6) comments

Terrell Higgs

Why, what are they hiding? What are they so afraid of? Of course they play the race card immediately too.


We all know exactly why the city is against this. Illegals they don't want ICE to use this...

How shameful they don't care about the well being of it's citizens!


Antifa doesn’t have to worry about that.


"San Francisco and Oakland have recently banned or restricted the use of facial recognition for their police forces and other government agencies. " San Francisco and Oakland, the two cesspools of the west coast. Perhaps we should look instead at London as a model. Or, it may be moot anyway in Portland with so many already wearing masks:)


Portland government is the stupidest group of people in the world. The ONLY people that are afraid of facial recognition are criminals. Even if it incorrectly picks somebody out of a crowd, it is just a tool, not evidence, to help solve a crime. Are they seriously saying that all black people look alike? How racist is THAT! We all know that Antifa hates it.

It is past time that we need to vote out the city corrupt anti-police government and bring back qualified people that WANT to make Portland a place where people want to live.


Unbelievable !!! Anything that will help police and make it harder for the criminals to commit crimes the liberals will be against. We all know that the liberals have a soft spot in their hearts for criminals but as long as it does not involve them directly they will protect the bad guys if they think it is going to give them a vote down the road !!!

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