PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – A couple who says they were attacked by a homeless man at a downtown-area beach has filed a $1 million federal lawsuit against the Rose City, arguing it was negligent.

Andrew and Kelly Corrado, of Portland, said in an interview with FOX 12 that they had visited Poet’s Beach with their dog, “Dude”, in July 2017.

As they arrived, two Portland Police officers approached them and warned them to stay away from a homeless man and woman that were camping on the public beach because “the assaultive couple had previously threatened other citizens”, according to the Corrados’ lawsuit.

At some point, the Corrados said they ran into the homeless couple and exchanged polite conversation. But soon after, the Corrados said their off-leash dog tried to follow another dog. That, their lawsuit states, triggered the homeless man to go on a brutal and bloody rampage – attacking the Corrados with rocks and a metal baton.

In addition, when Kelly Corrado said she tried to call 911, the attacker grabbed her phone away before continuing to beat her husband.

The assault landed both Andrew and Kelly Corrado in the hospital.

After the attack, police arrested the homeless man, identified as Jonathan Rance. Last year, he pleaded guilty to assault and weapons charges and was sentenced to serve five years in prison.

But the Corrados now say Rance is not the only one to blame.

On Tuesday, they filed a federal lawsuit against the City of Portland and the two responding Portland Police officers. The Corrados told FOX 12 the officers knew Rance was dangerous, and that they hope their suit will result in a change to the way the city responds to criminal behavior on the streets.

“There just isn’t enough being done to protect the citizens of Portland, who deserve to be protected, that are law-abiding, taxpaying citizens that go to work every day and enjoy their time off without having to constantly look over their shoulder,” Andrew Corrado said. “Constantly being afraid to go out in public, constantly being afraid that if someone asks you a question and if you give them the wrong answer that you’re going to be pummeled and end up in the hospital getting staples in your head.”

His wife, Kelly, said she agrees.

“There’s got to be a change,” she said. “Not because it just happened to me and me only – it’s happening all the time to several people and we just keep ignoring it.”

In a statement to FOX 12, the Portland Police Bureau said, “As with all pending litigation, we are unable to provide comment.”

The Portland City Attorney’s Office also provided a similar statement.

No date has been set yet for the Corrados’ case, which demands a jury trial, to be heard.

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(4) comments

kyle H

I believe more suits of this nature should be brought. Regarding incidents like this as well as the protest rallie's, where police are standing 20 feet away from a group of masked Antifa, who attack anyone who expresses a differing view. The city of portland, Ted Wheeler and his bs crew need to be held accountable for allowing the situation to get out of hand like it is. The normal, law abiding people of this community being afraid to enjoy the businesses and entertainment of this city, without fear of random attack, is absurd.


If the attacker wasn't homeless would they still feel like they had a right to sue? I can't help but wonder why the fact that guy was homeless matters so much that the author felt the need to include that fact in the story. If he wasn't homeless would the author have taken time to point that out? I bet not.


Think about it a bit more...sheeeeesh...


They have a valid suit and the settlement will come from insurance.

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