PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - The start of another school year is near. Even though it will look much different, students will still need to make the tough transition out of summer.

FOX 12 spoke with a Randall Children's Hospital Medical Director and Pediatric Disease Specialist about what parents can do to get their children ready for school.

“I would really suggest that kids take the school year, the same as every other year," said Dr. Malaika Little. "So, they’re going to their primary care doctor, they’re getting their vaccines, they’re getting their teeth cleaned."

"I think buying a new school backpack, a new lunch pack is just fine, and really trying to take September as the start of a brand new school year, no matter what school is going to look like for your family," continued Little.

Dr. Little said it's important to normalize things as much as possible for kids right now.

Student Sleep Schedule

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"We want to treat them as respectful parts of disease prevention," sai d Dr. Little. "So, that’s them learning how to get on with their lives and do it as healthy and responsible as possible.”

Dr. Little also recommends parents try and get their children back on a regular and healthy schedule.

"I think you think about what has worked for your family in the past, so active time every day, making sure things like nutrition are being that much more thought about so your kid is really in a ready time to learn," said Dr. Little.

She also said good sleep means thinking critically about how they're using screens.

"We’re being asked to use them in tons of different ways, and we know that kids need times away from screens. We know that kids need just plain, creative time to be by themselves," Little said. "So, I think starting to outline some of those boundaries, when we’re using them for enjoyment, when we’re using them for teaching and when we’re really using them for connection are all going to be parts of our lives. But trying to put some limits, maybe on all three of those, to make this realistic and make it successful.”

Dr. Little emphasized again teaching kids that they're part of the solution and good sleep and hygiene is an important component to keeping themselves healthy.

For more information on COVID-19 and kids, Dr. Little recommends this video.

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If you look at the average IQ of students these days, it looks like they are getting enough sleep, in class.

Frederick Fukov

It's absurd that the kids are not back in school. This is a product of the liberal politicians in this state being in bed with the teachers union. The reason why there's been a spread of liberalism in this part of the country, is also thanks to the teachers union, which is full of those who indoctrinate our children to believe the garbage being pumped out on CNN every night. It's just disgusting. Liberals are the true enemy of three speech and free thought. Liberals are the enemy of true democracy and common sense. They hate this country. They hate America, and they certainly hate the middle class.

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