PORTLAND, Ore. (KPTV) - Two Portland gang members, who are twin brothers, now face federal charges for illegally buying more than 80 guns.

Investigators linked them to ten shootings in the Portland area.

Court documents show they’re suspected of straw purchasing, which means buying a gun for someone else, usually someone who isn’t allowed to buy one for themselves.

The twin brothers Edward Charles Green and Thomas Edward Green III, are 23 years old and live in Gresham.

Portland gang members arrested for illegally buying more than 80 guns

Image: KPTV

Police said they're self-proclaimed members of the gang Unthank Park Hustlers, which is a local Bloods group.

According to court documents, ATF agents started investigating the two in the spring after getting information that they were buying guns illegally and were involved in several shootings between this year and last year.

In one of those shootings, police said someone drove by the Greens’ house and fired 14 rounds into it.

Then someone in the house fired 30 rounds back, some of which hit the neighbors’ houses.

In June the Metro Safe Streets Task Force, which is made up of local and federal law enforcement agencies specifically to investigate and prosecute gun crimes, got a search warrant for the Greens’ house.

There, they found gun cases, shell casings, magazines, receipts of gun purchases, and more than 400 spent cartridges.

Forensic analysis of the cartridges linked them to at least 10 shootings in the Portland area from April of last year and July of this year.

Between search warrants, traffic stops, and crime scenes, police found 12 guns illegally bought by the Green brothers, sometimes in the hands of others.

Then by looking through state and federal records, investigators realized that over the course of 18-months, the brothers actually illegally bought 82 guns from Portland area gun shops.

Court documents include pictures of them from YouTube videos, holding guns.

The documents indicate in order to buy the guns, they used an old address and said the guns were for them.

The papers show that at one point Edward Green bought 11 guns in one day and that both of them spent more money on guns than their documented income, all of this leading investigators to believe they’re actually lying on the paperwork and buying the guns for other people.

Thomas Green was arrested last week.

Edward Green was arrested Wednesday.

Now the Oregon U.S. Attorney’s Office is prosecuting the case.

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