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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - The Portland Housing Bureau is no longer accepting applications for a program launched to provide help for people struggling from the health and economic impacts of COVID-19, but it will again soon.

The Household Assistance Program was announced on Oct. 23. It's worth $15 million and will help 27,000 people living in Portland, officials said.

The program provided help in the form of a one-time payment of $500, which would ideally be used to help cover basic expenses, including food, medicine, dependent care, transportation, and rent and utilities, according to officials.

The bureau on Tuesday closed the application form and said it's limit had been reached. The form will reopen on Friday at 1 p.m. and will be available online here.

The 1,400 $500 cards that were applied for online on Tuesday were a small number of those being distributed to those who qualify, officials said. The next 1,400 that can be applied for Friday is the second half of a group of 2,800 being distributed online. That accounts for only $1,380,000 of the $15 million that’s going out in the form of $500 cards.

The remaining cards are being distributed to those already identified as qualifying through some 35 service providers/organizations, with $2 million being provided to people who are homeless.

To qualify, applicants need to be at least 18 years old, live in Portland, and have experienced a loss of income or an elevated health risk because of the pandemic. That person's household income also has to be at or below 80 percent of the area median income.

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(6) comments


It sure would be interesting to find out how much of this money ends up going to booze and drugs


How long will $500 last? What do they do after that? How about a moratorium on rent and taxes and the landlord's debt until this mess is over?


My guess is most of it went to the homeless, since they are Wheeler's favorite people, that is next to the rioters, arsonists and murderers he has allowed to destroy Portland.


So you have no interest in helping the homeless? First off: Portland has not been destroyed. Only Trumpo claims that....sorry you swallowed it. There have been more than enough 'murders' in Portland long before Wheeler was even here. and how have THEY destroyed Portland?......Rioters and Arsonists are the useless folks who DRIVE here from elsewhere to have their fun at destruction of properties, not theirs. They are NOT the peaceful protestors whom we admire for being brave enough to stand up for what is right. Peaceful Protestors SHOULD be everyone's 'favorite' people including you, Toothy. You could use a good dose of factual information seeing that you have none. It is the Multnomah District Attorney who lets the offenders out the back door as fast as they come in the front door....implying he condones their actions. Wheeler is NOT the D.A. of Multnomah County. I am not pleased with the 'handling' but I am smart enough to see that this was all unknown territory...what to do and how to do it...with an eye on the mischief from the White House all the time as well.....There is total agreement amongst the experts that sending the armed Federal Troops to Portland was a terrible mistake....some of them being 'Border guards' on reserve....yikes. Let us make a commitment to HELP Portland lawmakers and law enforcements to straighten this out.


When are they going to help the landlords, that have not received rent from their tenants?


No. No help for those evil, money grubbing landlords (who surprisingly live in the same neighborhood, and look just like regular people). They deserve nothing but should have everything stripped away because they are evil and only like money. Which means tax more, tax more!

I mean if we don't keep that sweet steady stream of Property Tax dollars pouring in to the State/county/city, how else are we going to pay for Public school to (NOT) keep the lights on during this lockdown? How else are we going to keep paying for public employees to sit in DOOMER isolation?

Evil, Evil landlords. I am sure they are all just sitting on their yachts, sipping fancy drinks in some exotic location (in their mind of course, because like everyone else they are still subject to lockdown. And probably can't afford a trip to the beach with all the tax increases on the ballot that are sure to pass..)

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