Portland International Airport allows carrying marijuana on in-state flights

New sign located at security gates at PDX

Recreational marijuana has been legal here in Oregon for one week and now Portland International Airport has decided to make a big change in its drug policy.

Travelers lining up at the security gates at PDX will notice new signs about the airport's stance on recreational marijuana.

Oregon law says you can travel with a legal amount of marijuana, you just can't take it out of the state, even to Washington.

PDX is allowing travelers to board with the legal amount of marijuana on flights that take off and land within Oregon's borders.

Airport officials said if a TSA agent finds pot on you, they will notify Port Police. Port Police will check to see if you're over the legal limit, check your age and look at your boarding pass to make sure you aren't flying out of the state.

If everything checks out, they'll let you go on so you can make your flight.

FOX 12 spoke with some passengers who don't seem to have a problem with it.

"I don't care if they got it in their pocket. I could care less as long as they can't smoke it in the airport, you can't smoke it in the airplane. So depends if wherever they're going if it's legal, that's fine with me," said Arnold Lucht.

"I'm not anti-marijuana but I'm pro-hairspray. I would really like to have some hairspray or some shampoo. What's shampoo going to do to somebody? Why can't I take my shampoo on a plane? I think it's a little lopsided. Silly, it's actually silly," said Verena Douglas, who moved to Oregon from Colorado.

PDX points out TSA agents aren't focused on actively snooping out marijuana, but if you're flying out of Oregon and are caught with the legal amount of pot, you will be asked to leave the checkpoint and find a way to get rid of your pot before getting back in line.

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