Kassab Jewlers sues city for damages during May 29th riots

Image provided to KPTV.

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - A local business is suing the City of Portland for the damages it endured during riots in downtown Portland on May 29.

Kassab Jewelers says the city did not do enough to prepare for the riot or protect their business while it was happening.

The Kassab Jewlers location at Alder and Broadway remains closed. The owners say there was so much damage that it still isn’t operational.

Owners say they fear Portland may never return to what it once was.

“It’s really heartbreaking to see all that beauty and hardship destroyed,” Rana Kassab said.

On the night of May 29, protests downtown escalated into a late-night riot. Surveillance video captured more than 100 people entering and looting the jewelry store in the early morning hours.

“Police were either right outside our door … for six minutes police were parked on Alder and Broadway… and many SWAT teams and SWAT cars and what not were going up and down Broadway and no one just stopped in to check on our location,” Kassab said.

Owners say in the time people were in the store, police did nothing to protect the business, despite numerous calls to 911. The lawsuit filed against the city also alleges they were told help was on the way.

Their lawsuit says given what was happening around the country, Portland should have seen something like this coming.

“I think that the city should have been more prepared for something like this," Kassab said. "Absolutely. Absolutely."

So, the Kassab family is seeking compensation for the damages to their business that night. In the lawsuit, the Kassabs say looters stole more than $1.5 million of merchandise, plus $500,000 in other damages and loses. They also say they’ve lost an estimated $200,000 by staying closed.

The business says the city should be held responsible for this loss.

“Things that insurance does not cover and we feel we should not have to come out of pocket for,” Kassab said.

Kassab says the future of their downtown location now remains unknown.

“Who knows if we’re ever even going to open back up,” Kassab said.

FOX 12 reached out to the City of Portland for comment on this lawsuit, but representatives said they could not comment on pending litigation.

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(16) comments


Good for them and I think everyone else who had their business victimized should do the same. What happened to these businesses could have been prevented and the leaders did NOTHING to stop it. Instead they encouraged it by their indifference! Maybe it should come out of their paychecks???


This lawsuit will fail. There have already been numerous rulings such state the police are under no obligation to protect the public. Have fun paying those court costs.


How about the part where the mayor and city council allows illegal protesters to take over the streets, blocks traffic, sidewalks and occupy the night without permits. Which violates the rights of businesses and law abiding citizens.


All Potland businesses should do the same.


Since when has looting had anything to do with protesting!?! I hope Kassab gets a judgment that they get every penny lost and pain and suffering. Mayor Wheeler is responsible for what happened. I think it's also interesting that Joann (I hate the police) Hardesty has distanced herself from him. The potential fallout may fall on her hopefully when this rioting wears itself out. Downtown Portland will be a long time recovering from this mess. Too many innocent people have been harmed by the nightly riots. Antifa is an entity not an idea.


The Mayor, City Attorney and Governor, along with Portland city leaders support BLACK LOOTERS MATTER so good luck getting any recourse out of those leftist morons.

Erik Erlow Eeckhart

Where do I sign? I've lost income that was directly responsible from the downtown riots. Of course the city will just say it's the proud boys or blame Trump.

pb sir

Gosh, who could have seen this coming?


Wheeler and his council members are probably getting payoffs from Antifa and BLM. That would answer the question as to why they are letting these terrorists destroy Portland. These incompetent and criminal city leaders are confident that the voters don't care and they have good reason to think so. Liberals love criminals, so they will continue to put them into office while placing blame on the Republicans.


The greedy, irrational ones in the country have used the courts to get rich with false claim lawsuits for years. Let's hear it for an actual victim getting with the program and using the courts for their actual purpose. How about some class-action suits?

Will greatly defray the attorney costs.

Roberto Estrello Demar

I wonder where Portland thinks it's going to get a jury? My, oh my!


They act like their taxes pay for public safety. They're in Portland.


The courts have been the main vehicle of America's downfall for years. A woman suing for millions because she falsely claims that some man once looked at her, state AG's suing the federal government to block any action which a president ran on promising. millions, millions, millions. Thus the country is in massive debt. Mainly to China, which loves being owed money and likes the idea of America going down. Of course if America goes down, from where are they going to steal technology??

So it's about time that the real victims of the left, the Antifas, left wing governors, of puppet-man Joe Biden, etc, start to get with the program and using the courts for their true purpose. Redress against big government which is run by actual fascists (esp Antifa which is the very definition of what they are supposed to be protesting - fascism. Mob rule via fake news.) Let's see everyone in Portland, etc who has been harmed by left will politicians get together in class-action lawsuits.


Define fascism.


Every business in the city, that has loses from rioting, including insurance companies that have had to pay for the loses, should be suing the city, Mayor and council.


Good job Ted. Thanks alot for getting us sued and costing Portlander's MORE money.

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