PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - A Portland man is facing bias crime charges after stealing Black Lives Matter signs from businesses while wielding a metal bat, according to court documents.

The incident happened Monday afternoon just after 3 p.m. Court documents say police got to Screen Door on East Burnside to respond to a disturbance with a weapon.

The documents say 36-year-old Eric Potratz went to the popular restaurant while holding a metal bat, pushed his way inside and grabbed the Black Lives Matter sign from their window.

Screen Door Black Lives Matter Sign

Screen Door restaurant on East Burnside (KPTV)

On his way out, a probable cause affidavit states he broke a plexiglass door and yelled at customers - saying the Black Lives Matter movement is a "murderous organization.”

Potratz told FOX 12 on Wednesday he was triggered after seeing the now viral video of a man being attacked and then kicked unconscious Sunday night.

“It kinda just hit a go button. I felt that I needed to do something. This has been going on in Portland for 82 plus days, the rioting, the assault on people, I figured the least violent thing I could do is to tear up a few signs to wake people up," Potratz said.

However, we spoke with Moms United for Black Lives on Tuesday, who said what happened Sunday night has nothing to do with the Black Lives Matter movement.

“This had nothing to do with Black Lives Matter. My thing is people need to stop trying to reverse the narrative. Whenever something bad happens, they want to place it on black lives matter, we’re fighting for our lives," said Elisha Warren, with Moms United for Black Lives. “We’re not out here trying to cause havoc for the police.”

When leaving Screen Door on Monday, Potratz said he threw the sign out of anger, and it hit a person waiting in line for food.

“I apologize for hitting him with a sign, I hope he didn’t take it as directed towards him— I didn’t mean to hit him," Potratz said.

He said he also stole a sign from nearby Fifty Licks on East Burnside.

One local business that supports the Black Lives Matter movement, Wooptido on Northeast 28th Avenue, said they're saddened to hear what happened at Screen Door.

“It’s upsetting to hear that local businesses can’t share their feelings about a movement, especially one that’s this important," said Mallory Musson, a hair stylist at Wooptido.

Potratz is facing bias crime and burglary charges, among others.

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(9) comments

Frederick Fukov

"We're out here fighting for our lives."

Oh gawd "Mom," calm down. No one is "fighting for their lives" except for criminals who run afoul from the law, and then won't comply with simple police commands.

Funny how people who don't commit crimes..don't do drugs, and do exactly what the police say to do when they're contacted..don't ever get kiIIed.

Though I don't recommend getting "triggered" and doing what this guy did, IMO..the whole Black Lives Matter movement is a concocted fraud. It's really..ultimately about money. These people, who had nothing to do with slavery..who live in a country with immense opportunity, wanna "money for nuthin'."

They want reparations for something that never happened to them. That's what Black Lives Matter is about, and it's fraught with hypocrisy, and it's having the absolute opposite result of bringing people together. If anything, they're just creating a wider divide.

Why? Because they refuse to acknowledge that the far greater threat to black people's lives..is from other black people, and it's not even close. Get back to me when y'all get real about that.


I won't go into ANY establishment that has anything in its windows or on display that supports Burning Looting Mobs. Period. Keep your support for Marxism to yourself, or be prepared to lose customers.


So What happened to to not charging protestors??? Oh wait, prejudice Portland, we just don't charge black lives terrorists.


Exactly. They're the ones who are BIASED!


Of course it's BLM fault... They are the only ones doing rioting for 82 gosh darn days!


Mom's United claims the attack Sunday night on guy in truck had nothing to do with Black lives. Just a couple things I noticed : Driver was white, attackers were grouped and directly interacting just prior to this incident , with individuals known to be active associates with black lives, and aside from the fact that attackers we're obviously black, and finally, upon the victim being rendered unconscious, his vehicle was ransacked and items stolen from the vehicle. Now, if those attackers were not associated with Black lives, then they sure did wear the uniforms of Black lives and were hidden within that group as soon as law enforcement came within a 1000 feet of the location. So, they must recognize that us deaf, dumb and blind white people might become confused under such circumstances. But, of course, we should have known better then to think black lives would become involved with anything other than "peaceful protests". Yeah, RIGHT


Our beloved DA is going to throw the book at this guy...

We need to start a recall petition in 6 months after he was sworn in.


burglary charges?

really? and the bias charge, isnt that at least 2 felonies?

Son of Squib

He should have burned down a police station instead

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