PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - For the better part of two months, protests in the Rose City have been happening night after night. They stem from the death of George Floyd in Minnesota.

As the protests have progressed in Portland, they have seen nightly violence as the night goes on. They start peaceful and they often divulge into some protesters clashing with police. In recent weeks, the clashes have been over federal police brought in to protect the federal courthouse and other buildings in downtown Portland.

With those clashes comes injuries, not only to police, but to protesters as well. On social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, there are many stories being shared.

On Thursday, more than a week after he was hit in the head by a projectile, Andre Miller shared his story. Miller says he’s been protesting and calling for change when it comes to Black lives and systemic racism.

“We pretty much make sure that everybody is safe, we walk around and make sure there are no outside agitators,” Miller said.

In the early morning hours of July 22, Miller says he was hit by a projectile fired by federal officers.

“I got in between Fourth and Fifth and Main and that is when I realized something had hit me in the head,” Miller said.

He was live streaming to Facebook when the incident happened. In the minutes that followed, you can see the rush to get Miller some help and to hospital.

“Once I realized that I was bleeding, I turned to my fiancée and said I am hit, I am hit, and as soon as I said I was hit, a whole bunch of blood just starting going down by face,” Miller said. “I really thought that I was going to die.”

Fragments of what Miller was hit with are still needing to be removed more than a week later.

Miller has sought legal counsel and plans to file a lawsuit against the federal government in the coming days.

Across the fence from protesters, police have also reported injuries. The same night Miller was hurt, a federal officer suffered chemical burns from a firework. According to press releases from Homeland Security dating back to July 18, at least 38 federal officers have been injured in some way from nightly violence.

FOX 12 has reached out to federal officials for comment about Miller’s injuries as well as a request to speak with officers who have been injured. Officials have not yet responded.

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(14) comments


It's the 'night shift' of protestors that are the rioters. What happened to a curfew? Most of the city is shut down anyway. Or just stay home (and protect it with our stimulus monies).


I am shocked at the comments section! Seeing there are reasonable people around is most heartening!! And lots of them!!!


As one poster already mentioned...why hasn’t the news media covered the stabbing of Andrew Duncomb a Black journalist, by a “mostly peaceful” protestor? Or the numerous Asian businesses that were attacked and damaged during these “mostly peaceful” protests? Even the Asian Pacific American Chamber of Commerce was damaged during these protests to support racial equality. Weird.


I would think it would be a good idea to stay away from rioters!


Too bad he didn't. One less idiot doing all of us injustice.




Just have to make the people rioting human as possible instead of the aggressors they are... Ohhh look protesters bleed to is the theme! When you have been doing this nightly for over two months and costing millions and millions in tax payers money my sympathy meter is very low!


why hasnt KPTV covered the story of the black conservative reporter that was stabbed by a rose city antifa member the other night?


It does not meet the narrative of mostly peaceful protesting.


A band-aid 🙄

NO sense of perspective.


"They start peaceful and they often divulge into some protesters clashing with police."

Some? Like hundreds? Maybe thousands? Apparently my engineering degree did not fully explain what "some" means. Now I know


“We pretty much make sure that everybody is safe, we walk around and make sure there are no outside agitators,” Miller said.

Whoever "we" are, they are not very good at their job! Once they hit mob mentality every night, they are all agitators


Andre, you got what you asked for. Oh, and good luck with the lawsuit.

Roberto Estrello Demar

"I thought I was going to die" Yes, Son, you and everyone in town are going to die. Just not this week. It's easy enough to die. Any fool can die; every fool does. All the sympathetic drama is tempting, but it is counterproductive and will drag you down. The better part is to stand up and pursue Life.

This Old Man says to buck up and leave the "protesters" downtown. There are far better paths to follow. Be a winner, not a loser. If you choose to be a real Man, you'll leave the protesters sweating and stealing, and a year and a half behind.

We all die. We lost a great one this week. Herman Caine accomplished more good as one man than a thousand rioting protesters will ever dream of. He crossed his finish line far ahead of his foolish Leftist attackers. We are all better off because he lived. The world is a better place, because he lived his life well. He persisted. He played the last quarter of the game.

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