Sione Feimoefiafi

Sione Feimoefiafi, right (Family photo) 

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – Police say five men in the country of Tonga are facing murder charges, accused of killing a Portland father at a bar during the Super Bowl.

Police say 49-year old Sione Feimoefiafi was rushed to a hospital in Tonga after a brawl. Officers say he died at the hospital later that night.

FOX 12 spoke with Feimoefiafi’s family in southeast Portland. They say he was attacked after cheering for the Patriots while watching the Super Bowl, but that’s not what they want to focus on. Instead, the family spoke about Feimoefiafi’s love and passion for life and his family.

“When he was alive, he was my main source of motivation and definition. Now that he’s gone, he’s even more of my motivation. I’m doing it for him, he really brought me joy,” said 17-year-old Takanga, Feimoefiafi’s son.

FOX 12 caught up with Feimoefiafi’s three teenage children after daughter Tala’s basketball game.

“It was hard playing in the game, every struggle I went though, it went back to my dad. Every game I played in, he always came, so I was looking in the stands every time I scored a point or anything,” said 16-year old Tala Feimoefiafi. 

Tala said her biggest fan was missing from the crowd Wednesday night. Instead of seeing her father, her family and the Tongan community filled the bleachers wearing shirts with Feimoefiafi’s picture.

This family says Feimoefiafi lived in Portland for years. He leaves behind three children, all teenagers.

Feimoefiafi was an athlete himself, a boxer, with strong beliefs who put family first. The family says he took a cell phone video the day he died. In the video, Feimoefiafi says, “We will all die someday, but for now, stay safe.”

“The outpouring of support from the family and community is a representation of the Tongan community, what happened in Tonga is not a representation of who Tonga is or who the Tongan people are. What you see here, this is who Tongan is and this is who the Tongan people are,” said Jayotta Feimoefiafi.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help pay for funeral expenses and support Feimoefiafi’s family.

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