PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – A northeast Portland man hopes someone will help him get back thousands of dollars in tech equipment and personal items.

Garrett Archer says someone stole the items from his partner’s car parked outside a Goodwill store in northeast Portland. He says the items were taken on Thursday just before 8 p.m.

“We were in there for maybe 20-30 minutes,” Archer said.

It was all the time a waiting car prowler needed.

“They smashed the window,” Archer said. “In no time flat, they took us for everything we had.”

Archer recently launched his own small business selling used electronics.

“We’ve got some headphones, adapters, everyone needs adapters,” Archer said.

He says the items stolen from the car were part of their most-valued inventory.

“We had a couple hard drives,” Archer said. “We had some nicer keyboards.”

The person also took a cellphone, jewelry, and his partner’s wallet, Archer says.

“They apparently took off with the wallet, headed for Burgerville, got a $15 meal,” Archer said. “And we’re told 10 minutes later, they were at Ross trying to put hundreds of dollars on the card.”

Archer and his partner say all of it added to upwards of $10,000. He says he had valuables in his car because he’s in the middle of moving products to a new business location.

“It struck at the absolute worse time,” Archer said.

And to add to it, Archer says managers at the Goodwill told him their surveillance wasn’t working that night. Now, he’s hoping that anyone who saw the suspect or suspects speaks up.

“If we could get just an ounce back of the equipment that we lost, it would be a treasure,” Archer said.

Archer is still trying to figure out of they will have any insurance coverage. Portland police confirm they are investigating the break-in.

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PDX TechRebel

The community support has been absolutely overwhelming! Thanks to KPTV and friends for sharing our story! Any help with our difficult transition is humbly and graciously appreciated!!! <3 facebook.com/altinternet ; gofundme.com/f/pdxtech

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