Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler (Image: KPTV)

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler says he is ready to act on a stay-at-home order for the city on Monday if Oregon Gov. Brown doesn’t take action. 

In a tweet on Sunday, Wheeler called on Gov. Brown to issue a statewide stay-at-home order to slow the spread of COVID-19.

“We remain hopeful you will act. But if not, I’m ready to act for Portland tomorrow,” he tweeted. 

FOX 12 reached out to the mayor’s office and received the following statement in response:

“This pandemic is deadly and it continues to spread. It’s critical that everyone practices proper social distancing guidelines. I applaud the elected leaders who are taking the difficult but necessary measures to further social distancing guidelines in their communities.

The public health, safety and well-being of our community is my top priority.

We can't wait another day.

The chorus of Mayors, hospitals, businesses, joining me in pushing for a statewide Stay at Home order continues to grow.

I am ready to act citywide if this does not happen state-wide tomorrow.”

Brown, Wheeler and other officials addressed Oregonians on Friday about COVID-19 and social distancing, “urging people to stay home and stay healthy.”

“Here in Oregon we all see that a storm is coming, but we still have time to change course,” Brown said Friday. “Social distancing done well and done early saves lives. We have agreed on a plan called ‘stay home, stay healthy.’ It’s both an order, and a public safety campaign.”

Brown called it a campaign and a mandate but stopped short of saying that Oregonians would be required to mostly stay home.

FOX 12 also reached out to Gov. Brown but did not hear back. Last we heard, she said she would not put a mandatory stay-at-home order in place.

Sunday evening, FOX 12 spoke with the mayor of Hillsboro, Steve Callaway.

He is one of 25 mayors making up the Metropolitan Mayors Consortium. They’ve all agreed that a mandatory stay-at-home order should be put in place, and they’re calling on the governor to make it official.

FOX 12 asked Mayor Callaway whether he’d consider a stay-at-home order for the city of Hillsboro.

“It’s problematic and frankly, confusing, if we have one county doing one thing and another county doing something else,” he said. “As we have talked, we all recognize the importance of that consistent message and that continuity.”

Callaway says he’s planning on waiting Monday to see what Gov. Brown says.

FOX 12 also talked to the mayor of Vancouver, Anne McEnerny-Ogle.

McEnerny-Ogle says in Washington state, mayors are not allowed to issue such orders as a stay-home directive. She says that has to come from Gov. Jay Inslee.

McErnery-Ogle says mayors and city managers from across Washington will be on a conference call Monday, where they plan on discussing whether they’ll be making any recommendations to the governor.

So far, a mandatory stay-home order hasn’t been put in place in Washington state.

In Oregon, now it’s all eyes on Gov. Brown to see if she’ll put anything else in place.

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(10) comments


Keep you orders limited to your city, Mayor. Rural areas don't have the same problems you are dealing with and don't need you to ruin any more of their businesses with a state-wide mandate.

Frederick Fukov

The best thing Kate could do for Oregon, would be to start mass deportations of all Californians..like..ya know..back to California.


And real Oregonians call on Wheeler to shut his liberal pie hole. Under the constitution government does not have the authority to order US citizens to stay at home. We all have the moral obligation to minimize unnecessary travel, but the government does not have the authority to "force" us to.


The gov and her congress along with the mayor and town counsel ought to just stay at home and shut up...or else go bike-riding and run some red lights.

Sun Tzu

'Portland mayor calls on Gov. Brown to issue statewide stay-at-home order' HRH Queen Kate needs to abdicate the throne. Her incompetence and ineptitude is shining brightly.

Frederick Fukov

Absurd, but typically liberal. Look at their media. All it is..is the 24 FEAR CHANNEL. Liberals want you to be afraid, and they're using Trump as the boogeyman, even though it was CHINA who engineered this virus and sent it out all over the world. Doesn't anyone find this just a little bit strange, that after major tariffs and a new trade deal that benefits the US, that during an election year, NOW is when this virus shows up? China has had dirty open air food markets for centuries. They didn't just start eating racoons, donkeys and bats this year. So why now? Considering that China has been caught pulling espionage, hacking into our computers, and doing anything they can to weaken us, to believe them incapable of intentionally setting this virus upon us, is completely naive. Of course, that also describes our child Mayor. Seriously, Ted Wheeler is a child. As bad as Charlie Hales was, I would much rather have him in office than this tool. Liberals have lost their minds.


Sorry, politicians, but I have a REAL job which requires actual WORK in order for me to pay my bills.


Don't do it Brown. We don't need to be treated as children who are misbehaving. Going out, I see the social distance taking place and you don't have the normal sickly's walking around which is real good. Yes, it would be ideal to have nobody die from this, but the odds are on our side and nobody can guarantee it would be different otherwise.


COVID19 Deaths;

Oregon= 4

Russia = 0


Husky Loyalist

And Russia border China. Interesting. This is an attack by China on America. They unleashed it days after signing the trade agreement with us and they were ticked off that they were forced to do so and this is their idea of war. As our economy and stocks are tanking China's is only down 1% because they are buying.

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