Racial Injustice Portland Both Sides of Fence

Federal officers move toward demonstrators during a Black Lives Matter protest at the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse early Saturday, July 25, 2020, in Portland, Ore. On the streets of Portland, a strange armed conflict unfolds night after night. It is raw, frightening and painful on both sides of an iron fence separating the protesters on the outside and federal agents guarding a courthouse inside. This weekend, journalists for The Associated Press spent the weekend both outside, with the protesters, and inside the courthouse, with the federal agents, documenting the fight that has become an unlikely centerpiece of the protest movement gripping America. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty are calling for an “immediate meeting” with Department of Homeland Security leadership, including acting Secretary Chad Wolf.

Wheeler and Hardesty issued a statement Monday evening saying they are seeking to end the “federal occupation” of Portland.

“Today, Mayor Ted Wheeler and Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty are calling for an immediate meeting with Department of Homeland Security leadership on the ground in Portland and with Acting Secretary Chad Wolf to discuss a cease-fire and removal of heightened federal forces from Portland,” according to the joint statement.

FOX 12 has reached out to DHS for a response.

Wheeler has sparred with Wolf in the media in recent weeks, after federal officers arrived in Portland amid ongoing protests and riots.

The situation in Portland has surpassed 60 days and drawn national attention, with a hashtag #PortlandKidnappings trending on Twitter after federal agents were accused of using unmarked vehicles to take people into custody without cause.

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Wolf stated federal officers are in Portland to protect federal buildings and stop criminal activity. Wolf tweeted Monday that there were 20 injuries to federal officers in Portland over the weekend.

On Monday, U.S. Attorney Billy J. Williams announced that 22 people had been arrested on federal charges in connection with the weekend protests in Portland.

“Protests in downtown Portland have been followed by nightly criminal activity including assaults on law enforcement officers, destruction of property, looting, arson, and vandalism. The Hatfield Federal Courthouse has been a nightly target of vandalism during evening protests and riots, sustaining extensive damage,” according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Oregon.

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(39) comments


The very idea that the Mayor is asking for a ceasefire strikes a few cords with me. Starting with it playing at the idea the Mayor is or has control of the violent rioters in the first place. That the feds are doing more than just defending themselves. That the feds have any part in the violence besides enforcing the law with less than lethals while people actively tried to fire bomb them, blind them, assault them, and trap them in a burning building. The idea they are treating them like an occupying force.Like this is Wheelers Fort Sumter. Which would make him the south and trump the north.


The only way to fix this horrid local leadership situation is get rid of all "non-partisan" voting. Should always be Republican vs democrat or this vicious cycle will never break. That is why these democrat controlled cities never climb back up.


These two need to be flushed. They belong in the cesspool they created. Personally, I think the Feds should leave Portland and let the rioters destroy it. They should cut off all federal money and anything else they are furnishing to Portland. Portland ceased being a decent place to live many years ago and it's not worth saving anymore.

Comment deleted.
Comment deleted.

Many will be following right behind you! Portland has turned into a veritable cesspool.


Do these politicians really think people are that stupid? Stop protesting is the only answer everyone knows it!


It's the POLITICIANS who are that stupid. And, those who continue to vote for them.

Thinking Person

So laughable these idiots beleive the Feds will care what they say. They have zero credibility at this point and I'm sure a survey of the REAL. citizenry of Portland would prove they have zero support for this stunt.

Also these geniuses don't realize Oregon is mostly Federal land. The Feds are already here and always have been.

The Feds will keep arresting and now that they're at close to 50 people maybe the Rioters will begin learning what it's like to face federal charges. The charges won't be dropped and count-appointed attorneys will advise pleaing which will mean jail time etc. Unless someone digs into their trust fund none of these people will have a case go to trial. In other words if you're arrested they lose.

Oh, and "The Wall of Moms" can dream on. Will Perkins Coie argue the case in the Federal Couthouse Building like Ellen Rosenblum's failed suit was? I'm sure the judges will love hearing how these over-fed women are oppressed.




Mayor Wheeler and commissioner Hardesty,

You guys are unbelievable! For more than 45 days straight the RIOTERS destroyed property of both Federal, City and Private Business. You were both so meek, unwilling to speak out against the RIOTERS who were purpertrating the violence. Police were injured night after night but all JoeAnn could say was, cut the Police because they're too tough on those "peaceful" rioters. Mayor, you were happy to let the violence go on night after night thinking like a fire it would burn out. But NO, your silence only served to embolden the RIOTERS and the violence and destruction continued to the present. Our President after patiently waiting over 45+ days for some action to protect Federal Property AND bring an end to the nightly violence, authorized Federal Officers to protect government property. Then and only then, you had the audacity to say that the RIOTING was waning, nearly gone! What world do you live in? How do you both believe such inane drivel? And because of the Federal Officers things got worse?? You both are a hoot! One to two weeks back, Secretary Chad Wolf of the Department of Homeland Security shows up and you proudly state, "even if he asks, I won't meet with him (chest thrust out, tail feathers held high). You both are so rude and yet take pleasure in your disgraceful actions. Now you both are calling for an immediate meeting with Chad Wolf?? You can both pound sand, hopefully he'll tell you to call an immediate ceasefire with your Antifa RIOTERS! Tell the RIOTERS to go back to whatever state they came from. Put a curfew in place and arrest anyone on the streets after 10 pm in a group larger than 10. Call Governor Kate "What should I do now Inslee"? Brown and bring in the National Guard and let the Federal Officers have the night off from the ongoing  violent abuse you both relish thrust upon them!

60 days of continued violence and destruction...you both let it go on, you are both huge failures and continue to be.Of course, Antifa is pleased with your actions Mayor..namely NO action.




Are you two reading this? Do you see how 'We the People' feel about you? Step down.




The dynamic duo hits the airwaves "demanding" an immediate cease fire? These clowns are delusional. But please everyone, write to Ted, JoeAn and Homeland Security Chief Chad Wolf!!

Here are their emails. Write...write...write!




Frederick Fukov

Ted's enablers have already blocked my IP. I've been lighting him up via email ever since he was elected.


'Portland mayor, commissioner call for meeting with DHS to discuss ‘cease-fire’ and removal of federal officers' To little to late Ted. You had your chance to put an end to this 50+ plus days ago but instead you and the city council lead by Jo Ann Hardesty decided to defund and hamstring what was left of the police department. The time is now to put an end to this rioting, and the feds will do just that. Ted, you and Jo Ann just stay out of the way while they clean up YOUR mess.


Dang - got all excited for a second, there. Thought it said: "Portland citizens call for meeting with DHS to discuss removal of mayor, commissioner".

Maybe tomorrow 🙏😇🙏

Mr Q

Here’s a novel idea..... Why don’t the Democrats tell the rioters to stop the violence.


doesn't fit into the democrats narrative, @Mr Q.

Son of Fukov

DHS: Please let the meeting proceed. Then once Wheeler and Hardesty show up immediately arrest them on the charge of treason.


And, aiding and abetting domestic terrorism! [thumbup][thumbup]


Send them to Vortex to chill out.

Thinking Person

You win the comment of the day! Brilliant reference!


What a laughable political stunt by these two.... They want to show they are are willing....

To bad neither of them speak of the rioters! They can't promise a dang thing!!!

Delta Bravo

If they want a meeting, they can fly their behinds back to Washington for a meeting. In the meantime, allowing the police to enforce the law is the correct way to law and order. Lasers, rocks, bottles etc. are all deadly weapons. Treat them as such. Back the police with the Nat'l Guard as necessary and tolerate nothing. We are tired of pulling the police back so we don't upset the rioters, which leaves the populace unprotected.


This is a joke right? The Fed's aren't the doing anything. Does the mayor and this other gal just want them to give up the building? Not going to happen. Ohhh Teddy are you going to promise to protect it? This is a political joke right?


Calling for a "cease fire" would indicate you have power over one side.


“federal occupation” of Portland???

The occupation is by anyone blocking the streets and impeding others from going to where they want to go or run their businesses.

And the mayor and city council for allowing the rule of law to be broken.

Roberto Estrello Demar

Wheeler, Hardesty, Brown, Rosenblum & Associates have no standing with BLM, ANTIFA, and whether they know it or not, most of the City of Portland. Nor do they have any standing with the Federales'. They have squandered any pretext of credibility they may once have been able to claim. They would do well to recall the old songs "You Know That It's Time To Move On." "It's Over." The best they can do from here on out is fill those chairs. Don't mess up any worse, and you might get a retirement, but the Power and the Glory have passed you byeeee.

Eliza Cassan

How is attacking federal, public and private property a way to get convince them to leave? Who is the instigators here really, rioters go home. If someone attacked their apartment or house, I would bet they would do something about it


No need for any special meeting to call a "cease fire"..just instruct your mob of useful idiots to stop their attacks on the Federal properties and the officers wont need to come out to respond.


So simple you said it all Wow Don't start none and there won't be none!


LOL, Hardesty and Wheeler, the democrat party dream team.


2 months of rioting but it's the federal governments fault! Portland leaders are sick in the head!


what portlands mayor does not understand (democrat) ..... is that antifa needs to go away! not law enforcement!


How about removing Mayor Wheeler and Commissioner Hardesty?????

pb sir

That would be the best idea... unfortunately, the majority of the voters in Portland would actually need to have some working brain cells in order to accomplish that...

Lawlessness Brings Destruction

Unfortunately, the election fraud machinery to keep them in office and ensure eternal "victory" for Democrats is in place.


*Motor Voter registering illegals as Democrats,

*ballot harvesting,

*improper handling of ballots,

*ballot stuffing where MORE Democrat votes "suddenly" appear,

*broken chain of ballot custody.

Unless this gets blown wide open and exposed, we're screwed.

Frederick Fukov

And replacing them with who? Conservatives..heII..even moderates want about as much to do with being involved in government here, as law enforcement recruits want to become Portland Police officers. Face it..it's over. The inmates now run the asylum, and it's only going to get worse here.

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