Mayor Wheeler declares state of emergency in Portland to address potential protests following Chauvin verdict

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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Mayor Ted Wheeler declared a state of emergency in Portland Tuesday before the verdict in Derek Chauvin's trial was read.

The former Minneapolis police officer was found guilty Tuesday of second-degree murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter in the death of George Floyd on May 25, 2020.

During a press conference, which was held before the verdict was read, Wheeler said a state of emergency will be in place for the next 24 hours. The order could be extended.

Wheeler says the National Guard and Oregon State Police are on standby.

The Portland Police Bureau says they are working with local partners to ensure safety after the verdict is read and warns against criminal activity.

PPB said the group causing destruction and property damage have changed their tactics, so the bureau has as well and is making more targeted arrests.

Wheeler says that police are working closely with local, state and federal partners and are looking at legal strategies to alleviate destructive behavior done by those in the group destroying property.

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(20) comments

Lexx Luthor

This mayor is a tar baby..... and Portland is stuck with him.. While you are re-imagining Portland, PPB , can you re-imagine Ted running for higher office crowing about this "big successes" whilst Mayor of Portland


The new summer of love is starting once again supported by Mayor "Spineless" Wheeler, "I Hate the POlice" Maxine Hardesty and "Catch and Release" Schmidt!

But now after 120+ days of RIOTING last year and NEW RIOTING occurring, you decide to declare a State of Emergency because of this verdict and the potential violence that may occur?

What have the previous RIOTS had that made them immune to a State of Emergency? Now you're trying to look responsive and tough? Ridiculous! Help this city by putting down any RIOTS. Let the Police BE Police! Oh wait, you're (supposed) to be their wonder they're thrown under the bus.

"I Hate the POlice" Maxine Hardesty couldn't wait to put down the Police for shooting the guy waving a gun in Lents the other day. It was "another death at the hands of POlice" whereas just last night, or last week or last month when a black shoots a black there isn't any mention of "at the hands of a person of color". Such a divisive racist rant.

Our city is under siege, beset by riots, destruction and civil unrest, while you three clowns let it go down unfettered. You're the reason we don't have law and order. You're major failures, our fine city turned into a cesspool due to YOU ALL.


Well said Ian well said!!


I was going to post a comment, but is has all been said in the previous 6 posts.


My best guess is that the people who would protest this and wreck havoc on the city would be happy with this verdict so what's the worry...unless these are people on the payroll waiting for an excuse from the same group! We have some real lousy leaders in the Pacific Northwest. You've got to wonder what people are thinking with when they vote! We need enough DeSantis's to go around!


Our most serious state of emergency is the state of our government:)


Hopefully, Teddy will go down and talk to them and get gassed like he did last year!!!


A state of emergency in a city of lawlessness and violence? What a shocker.


He was found guilty. What will those idiot protestors scream about now.?


New's...rioting idiots don't care


Man, I hope FedEx keeps delivering.


My order just showed up, so let the rest of Portland burn.


"Wheeler says that police are working closely with local, state and federal partners and are looking at legal strategies to alleviate destructive behavior done by those in the group destroying property."

Here is a novelty idea, those that the police don't shoot with real bullets, you arrest and jail them without bail. Unless the weak Mayor is a glutton for punishment, when it comes to destruction and mayhem. Everyone who is guilty of wanton destruction of property gets a 18 month sentence to hard labor. Those that will be serving time get the dubious honor of picking up all the garbage from the homeless camps and roadside trash in the state of Oregon. Since our state, county and local governments obviously spend our taxes on other things, they're not supposed to be spending it on. That alone, might quell a lot of the wanton rioting and destruction. If you too busy picking up garbage for 18 months, you won't have time to destroy things.

Erik Erlow Eeckhart

a state of emergency? more talk and no action. The boys and girls club just got trashed and Ted is doing nothing more than giving speeches.


Portland is, in its self, a state of emergency, Ted. Your feeble-minded city council (think Jo Ann Hardesty, in particular!), coupled with your desire to appease criminals in Portland with weakness, spells doom for my city. The only way you're still mayor is because Sarah "Macaroni" Iannaroni was an even worse choice than you, sir. Disgraceful non-leadership for Portlanders.


Where was your 'state of emergency' last summer when Portland was on fire Spineless Ted?


Just burn the whole place down. Ted and JoAnn can hold hands and dance a jig while Portland dies.


I don't consider "I Hate the POlice"'s name it's Maxine because she shares the same destructive racist drivel


If your declaring a state of emergency it isn't a protest its a riot! When are the criminals and government "officials" going to be held accountable!


Never. Don't you know that liberals get a free pass to do whatever the heck they want? Just watch the city burn. Feckless Ted, No spine Schmidt, and Cowardess Hardesty will just let it burn.

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