PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler joined large crowds of protesters near the Justice Center in Portland Wednesday night.

This is the first time that Wheeler has been among protesters since federal officers arrived in Portland in the beginning of July.

Wheeler held a listening session and was passing around a microphone and responding to protesters’ comments.

One asked Wheeler if he would commit to work towards abolishing the Portland Police Bureau.  

Wheeler answered, “No, I do not support that,” and then received boos from the crowd.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler joins protesters downtown, holds listening session

(KPTV image)

Wheeler says if efforts to push federal authorities out of Portland don’t succeed, “this will happen all across the country.”

He also took questions, including one about qualified immunity. Wheeler said he is “100 percent committed to getting rid of qualified immunity.”

Wheeler later moved to the steps of the Justice Center and addressed the crowd.

He talked about supporting the Black Lives Matter movement and talked about how federal officers need to get out of Portland.

“If they launched the tear gas against you, they’re launching the tear gas against me. We are a community. Here’s what I think about the federal government being in our city. They were not asked to be here. They are not wanted here. They’re not property trained to be here. And we are asking them… we’re demanding that they leave. We demand that the federal government stop occupying our city,” Wheeler said.

There were chants asking mayor to resign. People were saying he’s not going enough to make sure local police aren’t brutalizing people or protesters.

Also Wednesday evening, a FOX 12 crew saw fireworks being thrown at federal courthouse and people trying to climb over a new fence that was constructed around the building. Federal officers were on the loudspeakers warning people to stop.

Portland Police said flares and other incendiaries were thrown over the fence around the federal courthouse, which led to a fire in the portico between the fence and the building. 

Meanwhile, Oregon is requesting a restraining order against federal police that would require them to stop detaining protesters without probable cause. The order would also make them identify themselves before arrests are made and make them explain why the arrest is happening.

Court papers on Wednesday showed there are 113 federal officers in Portland. 28 federal officers have been injured in nightly protests, and damage to the federal courthouse has totaled $50,000, according to the papers.

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(42) comments

Roberto Estrello Demar

I really appreciate Fox12 keeping this "Comments" portion open. Yahoo! was experiencing so many comments supportive of Trump, Republicans and Conservative thought that they have taken the "comments" section down from their news stories. People WILL have a voice, but some may wish to suppress the voices of others, even if it leads to very bad things. Thank You, FOX12, for allowing The People to have a Voice!


Why does the mayor need a dozen bodyguards to walk among peaceful protesters? Why are peaceful protesters spitting and throwing things at him? Why didn't he mention the federal agents who will likely end up BLIND because peaceful protestors pointed lasers into their eyes? Why doesn't he thank the federal officers who were there last night, because peaceful protestors likely would have beaten him to death? Why does HE have security to keep him safe and think that his safety is more important than ours?

Delta Bravo

So is Ted now officially a rioter?

Just curious

[thumbup] My thoughts exactly.


This place is more fun than FaceBook.


Hope you enjoyed yourself Ted! Why did you have body guards? Think how the Police feel every night!! And the Federal Officers who get attacked too! You're a wimp for not going alone and facing the Rioters who you support!


What Wheeler & Brown have allowed to happen downtown is disgusting and needs to stop. There is nothing "peaceful" about these fires and broken windows and vandalism. It's their fault the feds are here, not the opposite as they claim. If they would've done their jobs and kept downtown functioning as it should, they wouldn't be here.

Frederick Fukov

Yeah, of course, but you see..you have a rational mind. Well, except for the part where there's still an inkling to your thoughts that Ted and Kate might actually do what is needed. No way in HeII. Honestly, after watching what they did with Occupy Ice, what part of that makes you think that this time they would stop, especially when their sister cities are having so much fun getting destroyed. Instead of Rose Festival it should be Hose Festival, with about a half dozen Water Cannons blasting those low-life sub-humans and washing 'em down into the storm sewers where they belong. But the only way that happens, is if Trump orders it.


Hose festival[smile]

Just curious

[thumbup] Well hello F.F. I've missed your comments.


My 88-year old mother said they use dump permanent BLUE DYE on the protestors (like they did in Hong Kong), so everyone can identify them for who, and what, they are - anarchist smurfs!


They SHOULD dump permanent BLUE DYE...sigh. Typo.


People talk about voting for someone else when ALL THE CANDIDATES ARE RADICALS! Mayor, city council etc it doesnt matter. I think there was one moderate among city council candidates while everyone else all supported the exact same radical policies. That Sarah Iannarone is even more crazy than Ted and there are many candidates who will do exactly what Hardesty is doing.

Frederick Fukov

Word. Portland is lost. Oregon is lost. Seattle and Washington are lost. California was lost long before Oregon and Washington, and Tom McCall saw this coming a long time ago. That's why he had the ad campaign "Go ahead and visit, but don't stay here." At the time, people thought it was a joke, but it wasn't. Dude saw the future, and now we're living in it. HeII, Snake Plissken wouldn't even set foot in Portland.

Just curious

[thumbup] Great

Son of Fukov

Recall, recall, recall!


Sarah Macareononi is antifa, and has openly admitted to it. I mean, I just...no words.


Mayor Ted thought this would be a great publicity stunt. Backfire!!!! We know what those looters and rioters want. The people that pay the Lions share of the taxes in this toilet don't want the Police to go away. They want more police.


National news shows Wheeler getting tear gassed by LE and rocks thrown at him by protesters. Time to leave Ted.

Frederick Fukov

Oh but he was so smug when he was on with Don Lemon. In fact, it looked like they were both engaged in a smug-off.

Frederick Fukov

This is just further evidence of what a total child Ted Wheeler is. He is in no way shape or form, qualified to fun a major city. Look at what his campaign of "appeasement" has done to this city. Now, in condemning the feds, he's going to make it more dangerous, by emboldening the mob. I hate to say it, but sooner or later, I can see a scenario in which a group of these nuts tries to emulate what Terry Nichols and Timothy McVeigh did, and if it happens here in Portland, the blood is on Ted's hands.


Wheeler thought he would be among friends. Now he knows that these terrorists hate his guts just like they do us non liberals. It's time to take them out, by any means necessary.

Eliza Cassan

The police are never going to be abolished and the feds are never going to stop protecting federal property. No one would be attacked or arrested if the rioters stopped attacking officers, burning and destroying public and federal property. The law needs to be upheld and they need to be jailed. Until that happens, this will never end.

Frederick Fukov

The problem is, the cops can arrest 'em, but the DA is the same as Ted and Joann. So what good is it to arrest 'em, then release 'em, only for them to either have their prosecution dropped to a misdemeanor with no jail time, or completely dropped with a failure to prosecute? This place is worse than Seattle, San Francisco or LA. I never thought I would see Portland reduced to such a chaotic mess, but it is now because Ted is an utter fool. Look at what happened to him last night? What did he think was going to happen? Instead of welcoming the Feds..he bites the hand that feeds, and embraces the criminals. Unbelievable what a fool he is.


He is the epitome of the term USEFUL IDIOT.


Portland is in the toilet. The mayor is a toothless clown who won't step up and confront the criminals burning and destroying the city. Hardesty is worse than a clown, she is an ignorant twit who no more belongs in power running a city than Mine Mouse. The politicians are empowering these minority leftist/democrat rioters instead of solving the ongoing crisis. At lest the feds are protecting some of the public properties. A vocal and violent minority are leading these politicians around by the nose, or something.


Hardesty had her 15 minutes of fame when she starred in "Trilogy of Terror" with Karen Black. Now, she's nothing but a former "activist," who thinks she's smart, but is an embarrassment to Portland every time she opens her mouth (full of marbles).


"Listening Session"


It's sad that you actually have to go to out of state or national news sources to get accurate local news in Portland because the local news agencies are so spineless they won't report anything bad on their precious mayor or governor. Wheeler got run out of downtown by the protesters last night. No mention if that though here


'Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler joins protesters downtown, holds listening session' And then he started whining because he caught some tear gas. He's lucky he did not catch some hickory or oak as well. There is still time for you to resign Ted.

Just curious

The Hickory is the one that gets you.


Why did you leave out the video of the "peaceful protesters" attacking Teddy and chasing him out of there? Why are you buying into the PR stunt of all this garbage?

Eliza Cassan

The 'protesters' say they are blameless. It's like if you walked up to someone and punched them, then complain about being punched back.

Facts Matter

Pathetic ted, you catered to these terrorists and now they are turning on you. You wasted time pandering to these terrorists and you should be arrested for your part in this for over 50 nights. You are not respected and have not done your sworn duty. You should resign in embarrassment, and go back to the commie state of california where lawlessness is welcome.

Just curious

Didn't the Portlanders get their moneys worth from Teddy last night?


Hey wheeler should marry Lightfoot can u imagine those kids jeese


Lori Beetlejuice-Lightfoot-Wheeler is too much of a mouthful. Plus, they both prefer playing on their own teams.

Just curious



The Mayor is trying to reason with the unreasonable Mob,


We are doomed. Now both candidates on the ballot for mayor are pro anarchist, antifa, BLM, social communists.

Son of Fukov

You are doomed if you leave them in office. Recall, recall, recall!


Why even bother voting...? Portland is finished and will look like the real-life version of a Mad Max movie in less than 100 days..

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