How to keep your plants healthy in extreme heat

Image: KPTV

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – If you are wondering how to get your plants back to feeling like their old selves the Portland Nursery has some tips.

Right now, you can apply liquid seaweed to the plants. The nursery says it provides a blend of nutrients and minerals as nutrition, helping the plants recover. Do not fertilize anything heavily after a heat wave. Wait at least one week. The plants are in stress and shock and need to rest.

Containers and hanging baskets have been drained of their nutrients following a heat wave. The heavy watering would have flushed everything out. Give those a full-strength fertilizer one week post heat wave.

Evergreen plants that burned like rhododendrons and camellias will have the toughest recovery. The nursery says they are slow growing plants, and it will take multiple years for those to recover. If there is any green left on the leaf, leave them. Even if a leaf has some scorching, leftover green spots are still photosynthesizing and feeding the branch to help the plant grow.

If you want to remove burned leaves, leave at least 70 percent of the foliage on the plant. Again, the nursery says leaves with any amount of green are still providing food and aiding in growth. There could be dormant buds on plants that can still re-foliate this year.

The bottom line is to have patience. Wait one week to fertilize, wait one year for plant recovery, and wait two to three years for slow growing plants like rhododendrons to recover. Those looking for advice on how to prepare plants for the next heat wave can find more info here.

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