PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - In the midst of a booming rental market, the City of Portland has passed a new tax that landlords will pay on rentals. It will fund a program to track the number of rental homes and the cost of each.

Landlords will now pay a $60 fee each year for every unit they have.

The city says in 2017, there were about 121,000 rentals - of that, roughly 20,000 are considered affordable housing and won't qualify for the new fee. Tenant advocates like Portland Tenants United say this is something they have been pushing for.

“You think about cars, they are all registered, right, and we have been doing that for a long time so we know how many cars are on the road and who is driving them and we don’t know that about our landlords," Margot Black with Portland Tenants United said.

She says right now there is no solid data the city can point to when it comes to the rental market and solving the housing crisis.

“You will notice that from one source to next or one news station to the next how much rents have increased or how much the average rents changes just kind of depending on who you ask, basically," Black said.

She adds this new registry will be a tool to help.

Opponents, like Multifamily NW, say the new $60 tax is not necessary and the cost will be passed onto renters.

“This is a $3.6 rent increase on the city of Portland residents and tenants," Vice President of Multifamily NW Dan Mason said.

The group says landlords are already dealing with increasing costs from maintenance and utilities.

“Property management companies and ownership are not absorbing those costs, they are passing those on to those residents and those tenants so that is the equivalent of a rent increase that impacts them," Mason said.

The council passed the new fee in a three-to-one vote. Councilor Amanda Fritz was the lone no vote.

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(7) comments

Terrell Higgs

Only a fool would think the landlords are going to pay this without passing the cost to their renters. Everyone in city hall is a fool, a darn fool.


Can't we just go back to the ways things use to be. Where people respected others privacy and everyone seemed fair. No one can be fair when you struggle over money all the time. We fee and fine everyone to death. Money is making wars and greed. It's sad the world is falling apart.


Pass it on to the renter. Once a year$60 fee. It is not a rent increase just a fee.


When will this government understand that all these fees are pushing rents higher and not helping at all as it is more money that disappears into the government coffers to be wasted.


Exactly !!!!!!!!!!!


This program sounds like something dreamed up by people with nothing else to do. It is absurd. There is no indication how this program will result in the outcome desired. The amount being charged will amount to about $1000 added expense to landlords if they have 15-16 units, and many do. How the tax amount was arrived at is not revealed. Renters do not need a list of rentals, they need lower rents. Adding on more costs to be passed on to renters is going in the wrong direction.

Lawlessness Brings Destruction

It's good that the people on here are seeing right through this unnecessary "fee" and unrepresented taxation. Many of the rental properties are MUCH larger than 15 units. Just in this one property I live in, this "fee" will amount to over $3000.00/yr. And the owner will pay for the units on his other properties. The leftists who support this "fee" and don't think it won't be passed on to renters are delusional at best. Listing of rentals is already being done in...wait for it...the rental listing magazines that come out every month or so. This alleged rationale for this "fee" is weak and on advanced life support. The tax and $pend leftists are using epic deceit.

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