PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – Portland police arrested six people and towed four vehicles over the weekend while officers in north and northeast Portland focused on street racing activity.

The enforcement patrols Saturday and Sunday resulted in nineteen traffic stops, according to the police bureau. Suspects arrested in connection with racing activity include:

  • Hilario Garcia, 18, for felony elude and reckless driving
  • Tea Sue Engdahl, 22, for reckless driving and speed racing
  • Ian Michael Steffens, 25, for reckless driving
  • Aaron Flores, 27, for reckless driving and speed racing
  • Willie Holloway, 30, for reckless driving and speed racing
  • Karim Gardner, 37, for hit-and-run

The police bureau reports there have been 34 traffic-related deaths within the City of Portland this year, though it’s not clear how many of those deaths are related to street racing activity. The bureau's Major Crash Team has been activated at least 41 times.

Police Chief Danielle Outlaw says street racing is an ongoing issue for Portland.

“I hope [the enforcement patrol] sends a clear message that this illegal behavior will not be tolerated in our city,” Outlaw said.

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(7) comments

Lawlessness Brings Destruction

Too bad these miscreants aren't ANTIFA. Holding those idiots accountable would be impressive. It's no wonder street punks have no respect for the law. or the alleged justice system. And shouldn't a 35 y/o be acting their age? 35 must be his IQ.


Want to race your car go to a track !!!!!! Or strip .....or jail


As though street racing was some new thing. Just enforce the law, whatever and whenever you see the law broken. I would care to say that cell phone use kills a lot more people than hot rodding around. How about enforcing that law...

kyle H

Say some tired like that when someone u might actually care about goes around a curve on a two lane road, which happens to be perfect for street racing and get hit head on because the idiot who was supposed to be at the curve to prevent a wreck was too busy watching the race to have done anything and the innocent people you care something about die at the scene of the crash, or worse, linger in ICU for a few weeks and then let go!! A tragic accident? Not at all. Just another sociopath who didn't care about anything except showing that he or his car was capable of doing exactly this scenario. It isn't like back in the day where they raced for titles. No, this is for nothing. And anyone's invited. Finally, there are options available that won't put the lives of innocent people in jeopardy just for driving home or whatever, yet these people have been doing these stunts for several years and cops ain't done nothing about it, because it takes an overwhelming number of PPB cops to roll into a situation like that to accomplish anything other then standing in the road looking at taillights shaking their fists in the air. So, ___ all the garbage you chose to spew.

William R

That is certainly a racially diverse looking group.



Lawlessness Brings Destruction

Multi-cultural miscreants.

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