Portland Police Association leaves N. Portland building after targeted vandalism and arson

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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - The Portland Police Association has relocated from its longtime office in the Kenton neighborhood after the building became the "target of vandalism and arson" for more than a year, Executive Director Daryl Turner announced Tuesday.

In a Facebook post, Turner announced the city's police union moved into the office on North Lombard Street six years ago. Since then, Turner said residents of the area welcomed officers and staff and "were glad to have the police union and police cars there." However, tensions flared outside the PPA building multiple times in 2020, as anti-law enforcement sentiments led to protests and, at times, riots. During the events, the building was subjected to graffiti, projectiles and fires.

Following the vandalism and arson, Turner stated neighbors would help paint over "vile and vulgar graffiti" that covered the building and helped picked up trash and garbage.

"As the rioting escalated at our location, we felt that the community was more and more at risk. At the most recent arson incident, a neighbor stood on the sidewalk with a water hose trying to put the fire out just before first responders arrived. It went too far, and it was time to find another location," Turner wrote in the Facebook post.

According to Turner's post, the police union has since moved out and found a new location but did not say where. Turner said the Lombard building will be repaired and put on the market to sell.

Concluding his post, Turner thanked the community and business owners located near the building, saying the PPA appreciates "their support and patience over the last year. We thank them for their tolerance. And we hope that with our relocation, they can have some peace."

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Worst PDX Mayor Ever

Real simple problems to six. Give the PPB their 27 million back, so they can reinstate the GVRT, the Gang Enforcement Unit, and the K-9s. Then, the next time a mob forms, call out the National Guard, at least 500 strong, with water cannon mounted armored vehicles. Jet blast the mob and pound them with very large clubs so they can find out what real riot response is all about.


Bring back GVRT AND Mounted Patrol.


I hope they moved to a building not within easy walking distance of trymet's toy choo choos and on several bus lines to make their space harder to access.


That's sick the Portland politicians allowed this to continue. The Govorner also is as vile, last year not allowing the National Hard to be one involved under Federal jurisdiction.


Good Job Ted. Feel good about yourself now?? Moron.


And heavy on the moron part.



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