PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - The FBI will join forces with the Portland Police Bureau on the streets of downtown Portland this weekend, as the City of Roses kicks off a weekend of welcome back events.

Portland Police say officers want to try and do everything they can to help people feel safe, especially after a shooting last weekend in downtown.

"People are going to see more police officers downtown," Sgt. Kevin Allen said. "We're going to have members of our Enhanced Community Safety Team in uniform, in patrol cars actually patrolling the downtown core which is not something we typically do."

Sgt. Allen says the increased presence will include on duty patrol officers who will move from other precincts to help in downtown as well as ECST officers and the FBI.

"Their focus is going to be high visibility, be seen let the community know that we're there to try to make people feel safe," Allen said. "And if unfortunately a gun violence incident occurs they'll already be on duty, they'll be here they can respond quickly."

Portland Police, FBI to increase patrols in downtown Portland this weekend

Image: KPTV

The FBI told FOX 12 agents will be wearing identifiable clothing this weekend as they work in partnership on the streets of Portland.

Sgt. Allen says the bureau which is in the midst of a staffing crisis, is going to do everything it can with the resources it has available.

"If there is a major incident then obviously we're going to have to shift resources again," Sgt. Allen said. "You know we do this a lot, it's not unusual for us to shift resources throughout the city based on the greatest need."

Portland Police say the lower priority calls may not be answered until resources are available, and if possible people should report incidents online. You can report those here,

Given everything the city's been through from violence and protests to an alarming increase in shootings, FOX 12 asked Portlanders how they feel about their safety and if the city is ready for a reopening celebration.

"I think it's needed in some respects, I think the people need to you know celebrate the good things. But on the other hand with all of the destruction it's hard to say," Caron Harter said. "I've worked downtown through all of the protests, my sister's a security officer. I feel safe I do. I see enough police officers, I see enough security people."

"I think that for me right now the benefits of being able to have that celebration are worth it as long as people are being considerate, safe taking what precautions we can," Portland resident, Olivia Johannson said.

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(7) comments

bowl of cereal

They ritualistically burn the United States flag right where that image was taken. The mayor gave a speech last summer using a bullhorn demanding the feds leave the city. Now he wants to use the federally funded FBI to guard his Welcome Back party.


Where were they during the MLM and Antifa riots?


That's different. That was just a bunch of intellectuals exercising their First Amendment rights.


Well during the burning of Portland, the PPB were hamstrung by Ted and Jo Ann. the FBI were told by Ted and the tyrant queen in not so many words to get out and stay out of Portland.

Al Bundy

Just another sign of Ted Wheeler's banana republic. Do you see "enhancements" being made in the poor and minority neighborhoods in East Portland, which has become a freaking shooting gallery? Nope. Not to say that downtown has been much better, but this action is as if the police are Wheeler's personal security force. He throws them under the bus when it's politically convenient, then has them patrol his precious white liberal supporters when they bounce out to their precious farmers market.


"We're from the FBI and we're here to help you" :)


Why is the FBI involved?

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