Portland police say they made 49 arrests during N17 protests throughout the city on Thursday.

Fifteen were arrested during a demonstration inside and outside the Chase Bank branch, located at Southwest 6th Avenue and Yamhill Street in Downtown Portland:

41-year-old Steven Eugene Daily 20-year-old Elizabeth Evon Nichols19-year-old Lara Victoria Baskin 19-year-old Angel Damien Camacho-Mireles 24-year-old Theon Matthew Weber24-year-old Evan Johnson22-year-old Anthony Hurley 22-year-old Daniel Kenneth Wallace 36-year-old Jessie Timothy Baumhauer 21-year-old James Robert Tudor 15-year-old male40-year-old Troy Thompson31-year-old Eli Franklin Richey30-year-old Jay Eric Yungerman22-year-old Nicholas Stephens

Twenty-five arrests were made on the Steel Bridge during the morning rush-hour. The following people were given criminal citations to appear in court:

39-year-old Heather Anne Conroy 59-year-old William Kelsey 62- year-old William Magorian 35-year-old Tessa Brooks 68-year-old Johanna Brenner 68-year-old Joye Camacho 57-year-old Madelyn Elder 33-year-old Maro Sevastopoulos 58-year-old Lorene Scheer 26-year-old Katie Coomber-Bernard 37-year-old Elizabeth Elwood 54-year-old Elizabeth Campos 60-year-old Timothy Flanagan 67-year-old Michael Colvin 62-year-old James Partridge 68-year-old Peter Parks 50-year-old Craig Mahaffy 66-year-old Kent Sprang 56-year-old Robert Rossi 20-year-old Eduardo Rocha 42-year-old Troy Geary 33-year-old Aaron Giesa 47-year-old Nathan Bennet 30-year-old Steven Gilliam Jr. 42-year-old Samuel Davila There were also nine arrests made at a Wells Fargo building, located at 900 Southwest 5th Avenue. The following people will face a charge of second-degree criminal trespassing, police say: 36-year-old Nathaniel Holder 24-year-old Jacob Dacks 34-year-old Adam Carpinelli 28-year-old Erik Ray Olson 32-year-old Craig Taylor Hennecke 33-year-old Eliana Machuca 30-year-old Kari Koch 31-year-old Abigail Singer 27-year-old Samantha Easton Roberts

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