City auditor: Portland’s gang enforcement officers, investigators need to be effective


Portland police are stepping up patrols in areas affected by gang violence, a bureau spokesman said Sunday.

Police didn’t offer details about which areas would be staffed with extra officers or when those beefed-up patrols may have started. The bureau also didn’t say how many more officers would be on patrol.

Officers have investigated at least five gang-related shootings since Thursday, many of them leaving people hurt.

Two people were struck Saturday night at the intersection of Northeast Alberta Street and Grand Avenue.

FOX 12 spoke to a nearby neighbor who heard the gunfire. The man didn’t want to be identified.

“I heard roughly 5 to 6 gunshots go off,” he said.

He looked out his window and could tell a woman had been shot.

“She was in shock and she was panicking and she was just circling around the grassy knoll area,” he said. “Me and my other roommate ran outside and helped her with a towel, get a tourniquet on her arm that had been hit. A couple inches -- if they would have shot up that way -- she could’ve died."

Another man was also injured in the shooting. Police said a neighbor called 911 to report a man hiding on his property. Responding officers called for medics when they realized he’d been shot.

FOX 12 spoke to several neighbors who heard the shooting. Several of them said they would appreciate the extra patrols.

One neighbor, who didn’t want to go on camera, said he didn’t think they were necessary and he worried about racial profiling.

The neighbor who helped the gunshot victim said he wasn’t sure if extra patrols would help stop shootings.

"This happened –what -- two blocks away from a major cop police station?” he said. “I don’t think that phases them at all.”

Another terrifying shooting took place inside popular late-night restaurant, Le Bistro Montage, Thursday morning.

Police said they found evidence of injury inside the restaurant, and a man that they believe had been shot there later showed up a hospital with critical injuries.

Officers believe he was targeted in the shooting.

Police haven’t said whether any of the shootings are related.

Earlier this spring, the bureau reported that gang shootings were up significantly so far this year.

In March, the Portland City Auditor released a report finding that the bureau’s gang-enforcement team needs to improve documenting investigations and explain why officers primarily pulled over black drivers during traffic stops.

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