Portland prepares for Inauguration Day protests


Thousands of people are expected to fill Portland’s streets Friday as President-elect Donald Trump is sworn into office in Washington D.C.

Portland police, local officials and downtown Portland businesses are preparing for some 11,000 people that are expected to protest the inauguration.

Protest organizers said they have been planning this event since Election Day, but they made it clear they do not want a repeat of the violent protests that occurred in November.

Jacob Buereros from Direct Action Alliance said his group has teamed up with people who are specially trained to de-escalate tense situations. They are also bringing in liaisons who can communicate with police and medics.

Buereros is encouraging protesters to speak up if something seems wrong during the demonstrations, stating they have professionals trained to handle it.

“Let’s send a strong message to Washington D.C. that Portland is not Trump’s America,” he said. “It’s our city and we will defend it.”

Mayor Ted Wheeler and Police Chief Mike Marshman spoke Wednesday about the multiple events planned for Friday and Saturday.

"We're not going to allow people to go onto the freeways," Wheeler said.

Wheeler also said police will do their best to prevent people from blocking public transportation.

"We have an opportunity this week to show the rest of the nation that we are a community that is very active and very engaged, but we are also peaceful," Wheeler said.

A number of Portland businesses will be closing early on Friday. Nordstrom announced it will be closing at 2 p.m.

Crews are here to board up the windows at Nordstrom next to PSQ ahead of tonight's #InaugurationBoycott protests in #Portland. @fox12oregon pic.twitter.com/18TPuGPtCw— Kelsey Watts (@KelseyWattsKPTV) January 20, 2017

Others will be taking precautions to make sure the protests do not get out of hand. Toyota of Portland staff said they installed extra security cameras in their car lots and hired extra security after

November protests turned violent


TriMet officials said they will be providing service to downtown Portland during the planned protests. If the protests become violent or unsafe, officials said they would temporarily suspend service.

Several students also gathered in Portland Thursday afternoon to protest Trump’s appointment of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education.

A Women’s March is also planned for Saturday, which is expected to draw crowds of 30,000 or more.

Protesters are expected to gather around 3 p.m. Friday at Pioneer Courthouse in downtown Portland.

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