PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Portland Public Schools has announced a partnership with Portland General Electric to create a K-12 climate literacy curriculum that PPS coordinators say will be the nation's first.

The comprehensive education plan will explore the causes and consequences of climate change as well as potential solutions. PPS organizers say the curriculum will combine science and social studies so that students will understand how climate change happens, but also explore what they can do to make a difference.

"Creating a course that shows them science and social studies together around the same topic is very powerful learning for the youth," Nichole Berg, PPS Climate Justice Programs Manager, said.

The new partnership was announced Thursday at Bridger School in southeast Portland. Elementary school kids there said they are excited to continue to learn about how the world and the climate are changing.

"We all need to help out with this so we can help save our Earth," fifth-grader Eleanor Harper said.

Organizers told FOX 12 that community leaders will also get involved in the program to show students what kind of work is being done locally and regionally.

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(9) comments

Frederick Fukov

Reading..writing..'rithmetic..back when schools focused on those areas, they pumped out better humans. Now it's all about indoctrinating and brain washing the kids so when they turn 18, they'll vote for socialism. Look, we live in a REAL world, not an IDEAL world. The notion that somehow, 8 billion people are going to be able to survive and thrive using nothing but solar, wind, nuclear, hydrogen, electric, and bio-diesel is just absurd. And even IF we stopped using fossil fuels tomorrow, it won't change one thing about human destiny. The Earth is going to be fine. It's been damaged and healed itself for millennia. WE are the ones who are going away. We can Greta Thunberg this world from here to eternity, and what is it going to do to prevent the next big space rock from crashing into the Earth and wiping everything out? Sorry, Harry Stamper and his bunch of lovable roughnecks are not going to land on the asteroid..drill it like an oil well, and nuke it into missing the Earth. Libs are living a fantasy lie, and THEY are the biggest danger to humanity.


I do not give Pacific power the right to waste any of the money I payed them on my bill to teach the kids fake science !! How can this world survive when everything we do is said to be bad by the dumb liberal people of the world. Climate science is mostly fake to give scientist a reason to collect money from government and industry !!!


Better not tell Trump. Heaven knows what he will do if he finds out we are paying for a "hoax". Good job Portland.


Might be a good idea to teach them that Trees create oxygen, protect fish by providing shade to cool the water, hold the soil in place but our Government here in Oregon is allowing the destruction of the few remaining forest here and now. Why not teach them that our Government is allowing 700+ rail cars full of Coal are going through the Columbia River Gorge daily, headed to China to be burned with little to no control creating Global Warming? We can only do so much and our State Government has turned it's head to reality trying to waste Tax dollars in focusing on the wrong issues.


Maybe the school board should concentrate on education instead of indoctrination.


Another reason why my child will never attend a PPS school. Way too much liberal brainwashing.


More Liberal indoctrination paid for by hardworking taxpayers.

Alexander Marinesko

Yes!!! Liberal indoctrination!


I am so glad that is happening. We need more school districts to get involved.

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