PORTLAND, Ore. (KPTV) – As bus delays and cancellations persist at Portland Public Schools, the district now is offering a $300 stipend to families of students whose routes were impacted.

Helen Krohn said her son's bus route to his high school was canceled entirely. He now has to come with her to work downtown and walk through a dangerous area to get to a public bus that takes him to school instead.

"You know, it's tiring," she said. "It's going to impact his education, obviously."

Her son Marlowe attends Benson High School, which is under renovation. Classes are being held at the district's Marshall campus in the meantime, but with no bus available, Krohn said she was driving her son to school until it started impacting her job.

"I was cutting out two hours a day from my work schedule," she said.

So they had to go with Plan B.

Now, Krohn said Marlowe wakes up at 6 a.m. and comes with her to work downtown, then walks from her work to a public bus stop. It's a walk she said is not safe and a huge shift in routine, especially for her son, who has autism.

"I mean, it's Portland downtown, walking through human feces and people shooting up in the middle of the street," Krohn said. "I mean, there's already been a few instances he's seen."

So far, Portland Public Schools has only canceled routes for Lincoln and Benson High Schools.

The district sent families an email Friday offering a $300 monthly stipend if their child's bus route was canceled.

Krohn said she doesn't know how or when she'll get that money, and even when she does, she said it won't be enough to cover much.

"I think it's just to shut us up and stop making any communication or just trying to appease us in the time being. Three hundred dollars isn't going to cover Lyft or Uber," she said. "For us, if we were to use that option, it would be about $50 each way."

Krohn said she contacted the district several times by phone and email about her son's bus route with no response. When she went down to district headquarters to discuss the transportation issue, she was told no one was available.


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