PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – The president of Portland’s NAACP says he is hopeful after seven straight nights of protests in downtown Portland, and believes the demonstrations will continue for as long as they have to.

E.D. Mondaine says there is nothing like collective voices of righteous souls to bring change. That’s why he believes rallies work.

Thousands gathered in several areas of Portland on Wednesday, including many at the waterfront, where Mondaine spoke and sang, along with other leaders within the African-American community.

Mondaine says what he saw on Wednesday night was reminiscent of the civil rights movement in the 1960s and he is encouraged by the Millennial generation.

“It was just like hollering ouch,” Mondaine said. “Have you ever hit your toe on the edge of the bed? That hurts the worst, doesn't it? You can't contain it, can you? That's what these rallies are all about.”

Mondaine said he admires the amount of organization and respect that most Millennial protesters showed on Wednesday.

“I could not have been prouder of this Millennial generation that I saw in operation on last night,” Mondaine said. “They were organized, they were respectful, they were serious, they were nonviolent and they had a message. So, I left that area with hope.”

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(6) comments


What does the anacronym NAACP stand for? lol


What a frikking joke those words fall on deaf ears spoken by that terrorist!


Even peacful protestors are breaking the 'isolation directive' (of Kate Pelosi) and are risking the lives of the rest of us and delaying the reopening of Oregon. Enough already, you made your point about equality and injustice. Now get back to work so we can afford to give out more 'free' government checks.

Frederick Fukov

E.D. Mondaine can go pound the Sahara.

Just curious

[thumbup]He spouts off like a Knothead.


What have they gained NOTHING! At least not as much Damage and stealing as most Cities! We need to get George Soros and Bill Gates out of our Country! They are taking us Down!

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