PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — The city of Portland has walked back a proposed Texas boycott and travel ban in response to the state’s dramatic curtailing of abortion access.

Instead, city officials are considering setting aside $200,000 that will go to organizations “that deliver programs and services related to reproductive healthcare," Oregon Public Broadcasting reported.

The resolution does not specify if the groups to receive that money would be based in Oregon. The city council will consider the new proposal on Wednesday.

Days after Texas passed legislation that banned abortion after six weeks of pregnancy, the council announced the city would be withdrawing its business over what they called an “attack on the reproductive rights, freedom, and autonomy of people across the country.”

City spokesperson Heather Hafer said the city had purchased slightly less than $35 million in goods and services from Texas in the past five years.

City officials have scrambled since the initial proposal to nail down how such a boycott would work. Late Tuesday afternoon, the city released the draft resolution showing the boycott had been scrapped.

“The Portland City Council wishes to manifest its opposition to the Texas abortion ban, and its support for those who are affected by it, by ensuring that those who seek to exercise their constitutional right to an abortion have access to certified healthcare providers in safe and secure facilities,” the ordinance says.

The resolution also directs the council to send a letter to the Oregon Congressional delegation urging them to pass the Women’s Health Protection Act, federal legislation that would preserve people’s right to access abortion, and a letter to the Biden Administration supporting the Department of Justice’s challenge to the Texas law.

Wheeler's previous plan to boycott drew the ire of Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, who insulted Portland on Twitter as a “dumpster fire” and called its leaders “depraved” in response.

The Texas law prohibits abortions once medical professionals can detect cardiac activity, usually around six weeks — before some people know they are pregnant. It differs significantly from laws blocked in other states because it leaves enforcement up to private citizens through lawsuits instead of criminal prosecutors.

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(25) comments

Mr Q

So … Teargass Teddy found out that TEXAS companies keep his city running so instead of virtue signaling he decided to send PORTLAND CITIZENS hard earned money to another state INSTEAD of using that money to FIX issues at home …… but then of course it IS NOT money not hat he has to worry about because it is TAXPAYERS money ….. like ALL liberal Democrats … no problem with fleecing their disciples of their hard earned money


Wheeler is the worst non-leader in Oregon history - if you take Kate Brown out of the kennel.

WHY do these politicians HATE Oregon so much?

THIS is what happens when Californians get taxed out of their pig pen and move up to Oregon and start voting like Californians


These so-called 'woke' people are the least enlightened group of people.


The result of electing liberals to run the city, time and time again. Because, the voters never learn, these crooked politicians are able to do anything they want. Portland is beyond the point of no return and the sooner it completely self destructs the better.

Liberal Wasteland


"Ted Wheeler is a child..film at eleven."

Eliza Cassan

That this is even an issue in Oregon, a state that has nothing to do with this, is a joke. But now, to penalize, yes penalize Oregonians by taking their tax dollars and spending it on things without their input. If the state felt so strongly about this they would have spent that money already on it. But no, they can't let a trending topic go by without giving the tax-payers a kick in the head.


I totally agree with you. I'm all for a woman's right to choose, I just don't think I should have to pay for it.


Texas will really suffer, with Portland taxpayers being fleeced for another $200k. Righteous indignation from Portlands vacuous leftist leaders meets reality. Portland should look inward and fix their toilet of a city.

Liberal Wasteland

You think these fools are capable of fixing Portland? Good luck, When people like this have a burnt out light bulb, they call an electrician.

davcon 5

I guess Ted the Head finally realized Portland residents would be most irate if he cut off their supply of Frito - Lay chips, Chee - tos, Doritos and Dr. Pepper soda. Atta Boy Ted !!


--"Wheeler's previous plan to boycott drew the ire of Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, who insulted Portland on Twitter as a “dumpster fire” and called its leaders “depraved” in response."--- Well, he got that part right. :)


If the city has any extra money, they need to take care of core responsibilities, such as all the trash and graffiti on city property and the deteriorating streets.


So, we are punishing TX by spending $200k of taxpayer money?

Lawlessness Brings Destruction

PORKland City alleged government is all about "my body/my choice"...except when it comes to COVID vaccinations. Classic.

Facts Matter

Absolutely agree, this shows the blatant hypocrisy of the so-called leaders of



When it comes to the covid shot, it's "your body/OUR choice."


Ted Wheeler gets the gold medal for virtue signaling.

Liberal Wasteland

That our civic losers (not leaders) are even wasting time on a Texas issue, just tells you what kind of children we're dealing with here. We have adult problems in this city, which require adults to solve them. Unfortunately, liberals have the collective mind of a child. They truly live in a fantasy realm. That is why they allow fools like Joann Hardesty to strip 27 million in funding from the police chief, and redistribute it to friends of hers with "non profits." And what do we get for our money? We get dramatic increases in violent crime, shootings, murders, traffic fatalities, and property crime. We allow people like that to base a very serious policy decision on something that happened to a felon drug addict 1700 miles away from here. Now, here we go again with our local liberal losers, instead of solving problems and providing public safety here, they're sticking their nose in some other state's issue. These people, this new subset of the human genome, they are so out of their gourds it's not even funny. They've become a true danger to all of us, with their absurd and asinine policy making. If it's not these two issues, it's their insistence on being the "sanctuary city" model for all other blue markets. What an embarrassment this place has become. Thanks liberal voters. You embraced it, you voted for it, and now you get to live with it.

Cat of the Canals

It's still better than living under the rule of Christian extremism. Evading religion extremists is why our country exists. [happybirthday]


This country exists because people stood up to dictators and said "NO"


Unfortunately, the rest of us are stuck living with the poor decisions made by liberals. THIS is what angers, saddens and frustrates many of us the most. I can't move (yet), but plan to the moment I can. Portland is done.

Liberal Wasteland

It IS done. It's over. There's nothing that can bring this place back, and this is all on the Oregon Democratic Party. They are 100% responsible for the decline of livability in Portland. They have made it better for drug dealers, drug users, for thieves, for gangs, for murderers, for everyone who has no respect for the law, nor of public safety. In a word, Portland has gone to heII, and it ain't never comin' back.

Delta Bravo

How about fixing a few potholes and getting the homeless out of their tents?

If you want to abort something, consider Wheeler and Haggarty.




Will the "$200,000 that will go to organizations “that deliver programs and services related to reproductive healthcare" include pre-natal care for those who plan to be parents?

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