PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - As a six-time national champion and two-time world champion, she's the one to beat in the sport of fly casting.

FOX 12 met up with the Portland teen who first defeated the best men and women in the world at the age of 12.

Fly fishing is a leisure time escape with dinner you can bring home in a cooler or grill up right there at a camp site. Fly-casting is a total sport and in some way’s meal ticket for Portland teen Maxine McCormick.

Say hello to the two-world champ.

“Maxine is unquestionably is the most efficient caster on the planet,” Coach Chris Korich said.

McCormick is youngest to ever fly-cast on to a gold medal in the International Casting Sports Federation's Trout Accuracy competition.

“I don't really have to think about the technique as much as I used to. It's just kind of engraved,” McCormick said.

Get in the zone, get in the target.

“It's a time to just relax. You can just think about anything you want while you are casting. It's just fun to be in nature,” McCormick said.

The Bay area born kid had a golden gate approach since first picking up a line and rod at 9-years-old.

“Maxine has fantastic coordination, she has eagle eye sight. Her eye sight is 20/10,” Korich said.

Korich is a catch himself. A championship member of the U.S. casting team and a former young prodigy of his own.

“The thing that really jumped out was her intelligence and her focus. When we focus and we train, she called it, 'focus time'. For 20 or 30 minutes at a young age, we would be very intense on one skill, one fundamental drill, but the emphasis on fun, Korich said.

Moving is never fun, Maxine’s family uprooted from San Francisco to Portland in between her first and second world title.

From Estonia in 2016 to England last summer, the Cleveland High School junior is out to eagle-eye a 2020 three-peat vision in Sweden next summer.

“As long as I train hard, I will have a pretty good chance, but I really don't know,” McCormick said.

This work leads to great play.

“Just being really efficient and trying to use as little energy as possible so that when you go fishing, after a day of fishing you aren't super exhausted,” she said.

Want to read more into Maxine’s world championship endeavors? You can check it out now in paperback called The Girl with A Fly Rod. She's the cover girl and that first chapter is devoted to her.

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