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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - On Tuesday, Portland voters approved a new measure that will create a new, independent community police oversight board.

According to the Oregon Secretary of State's website, more than 80 percent of the votes are in favor of Measure 26-217.

Supporters have called it the "Yes for Real Police Accountability" measure.

Measure 26-217 gets rid of the current Independent Police Review Board and replaces it with a new oversight committee that can discipline and even fire police officers. It would also have a budget of its own that is up to five percent of the total police budget.

City Commissioners Jo Ann Hardesty pushed to get the measure on the ballot. She says it's the sort of police oversight that she's been fighting for, for more than 30 years, but now there's a level of support she's never seen before.

"I think the public is at a space where if people keep dying when we call people for help, then we’re sending the wrong first responders and I think people are really starting to see. I think the protests that have been happening since May also have reinforced in people’s mind that the police really don’t feel like they work for us. They feel like they’re the boss of us and this is a way to rethink about policing, what role they play and to hold them accountable for community standards," Hardesty said.

The measure has been opposed by former Portland Police Association President Daryl Turner since being introduced. He told FOX 12 in July that an oversight system is already in place.

The Portland Police Association also says the measure violates the law in several ways and adds that it was created without the input of any meaningful stakeholders.

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I believe this oversight is long overdue. Darrel Turner in the past has been able to get politicians to reconsider such attempts. But this time it occurred too quickly for him to figure out a means to avoid it coming to the voters. WHATEVER IT TAKES for the community to have control over the Bureau is what we need to pursue. Whatever PPB, or whomever, challenges regarding the implementation of this LAW, we absolutely need to pursue. We've had PPB members, with long histories of public complaints, who have shot with a shotgun unarmed people, striking them in the a22, which caused life long problems for the person shot,

and the cop claim he grabbed wrong gun, that he'd intended to shoot dude with a less lethal weapon, which is clearly painted orange btw, who upon completion of all the investigations it was determined that the cop either knew or should have known what he was firing at the guy and the recommendation was to terminate the cop, which the then mayor infact did. The police union hired lawyers for the cop and as per the union contract, the matter was sent to arbitration. The conclusion of which resulted in full reinstatement of the cop (which allowed him to file for worker compensation for stress) and two years of full back pay for time it took for the matter to be resolved. Bi do believe the city is still, today, paying that officer for his stress related claims. That should not be allowed to happen. This is an "At Will" state. We should be able to hire and fire based upon any facts we uncover, or no reason at all. People are able to seek jobs anytime, anywhere they like, and are allowed to quit jobs anytime they like or just not show up. PPB members should not be able to negotiate special clauses that deviates from the common rights as anyone else. We compensate them well for being police officers in Portland, they have excellent benefits and all that. Free get out of jail cards are only real in a board game and at PPB. We need to have fair impartial control over members and senior staff of the bureau. It is worth fighting for.


The Portland police should just walk off the job and let Hardesty and her pals protect the residents. See how long it takes before the entire city is destroyed and in my opinion, the sooner it is, the better.

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

A worthless, clueless, completely unnecessary level of bureaucracy that should never have happened. There was absolutely NOTHING wrong with the PPB. In fact, it was a lot better after the Outlaw (on our dime mind you) promoted herself into a larger major city position. Looks like she's bucking for a political cabinet position someday. The point, however, is that until George Floyd's death (which was caused by an overdose of fentanyl btw, and not by the cop with his knee on this neck, there were no public outcries here in Portland. It's just another typical "progressive" virtue signal overreaction. This new quorum is going to be an unmitigated disaster. Imagine putting common citizens who have no clue about police work, in charge of judging the performance of police officers. Well that's like..I dunno..making Joann Hardesty a commissioner.

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