PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - An intruder in high-heels made himself at home at a Portland woman’s apartment.

According to court documents, the uninvited guest took a shower and tried on the woman’s clothing and jewelry, all before being caught red-handed.

The woman who lives there, Shauna, says her dog is the only reason the man is now behind bars.

“He was going through all my personal things. My underwear, my bras…he was going through all my clothes. He ate my ice cream and some food. Drank root beer from the fridge, just made himself at home,” Shauna said.

22-year old Kye Phillips is now behind bars facing burglary and theft charges. Shauna says Phillips went insider her Portland apartment on April 8. She says the only reason he was caught is because her dog started barking at the stranger, eventually setting off the dog app on her phone.

While at work, Shauna said she opened up her “Furbo” dog camera, which showed the man stepping out of her bathroom, using her towel.

“All of a sudden I see this guy coming out in a towel from my bathroom. I was like what are you doing in my house? Why are you wearing my clothes?” Shauna said.

Shauna said she then called police, left work and rushed home. She says a police officer was waiting at her apartment and together they caught the man red-handed.

“His face was just like shock, like oh my god, I can’t believe I was caught. He was wearing my black bra, a black bathing suit bottom that I have and a white coverup,” Shauna said.

Now, Shauna and her dog have a new home. She says she moved out a few days later.

“I got away from there as fast as I could I didn’t even stay for one more night. (My dog) was really shook up at first, but he’s ok now. Getting away from there makes me feel better, but I still want (Phillips) to pay for what he did,” Shauna said.

There’s another twist to this already bizarre story.

Shauna says her doorbell camera shows Phillips standing outside her apartment for two hours before he went inside. This whole time, she says her dog was barking. A neighbor we spoke with says she was frustrated by all the commotion and knocked on Shauna’s door, hard enough to break a small glass window, allowing Phillips to make himself at home.

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If she's had a German Shepherd instead of a yap hound the heshe wouldn't have made it through the door.

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