PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – A Portland woman said she was sprayed with bear mace outside a local hardware store. Katie Tiutiuma said she saw someone litter outside of Parkrose Hardware on Northeast Sandy Boulevard on Monday.

She says she yelled at the driver to not litter and that is when she said the man started mumbling. She says at one point the woman in the car leaned over the driver and sprayed her in the face with the mace. The moment was caught on surveillance camera. Tiutiuma described what it felt like to be maced.

“It literally felt like my body was on fire. I was trying to tell my partner it felt like a weighted blanket was put on me but the weighted blanket was 400 degrees.” she said.

Police are now investigating. The message she has for people who did this is a simple one, to just not litter.

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Mama mia that's a spicy meatball!


So much negative feedback all from one action that meant no harm. The police have no funding to respond to these calls now. They budget won't allow it I hardly would call her a Karen as that would be a women thinking she is entitled or is privileged. They could have had there windows down and something flew out. They could have litterd as they drove off but for them to go to the point of spraying her is not justified in any way. Humanity has gone down the toilet as these comments already show the anger people have in themselves that they repress and vent on others. It would be nice if things didn't have to take this path of negativity and angst.


So what are you people saying about this ? So now you think it’s ok for someone to throw their garbage on the ground , well I don’t think so ! This women did the correct thing and I hope they catch these thugs ! Our city is turning into a third world country fast and you people condone it , well not me for one !


Let the law and city handle it. People need to mind their own business. Don't risk your self for stupid things like this.

Alan W

In this day count yourself lucky you were only bear sprayed. Being a vigilante is dangerous and for violations like littering, that is what the police are for in spite of what Hardesty says. If you are going to play cop, go join up and be one otherwise knock it off.


Being a Karen has its risks.


So you call her a Karen for stopping someone from throwing their garbage in the parking lot ? Our city will never get better with that attitude


Seems like everybody litters in Potland. Antifa, BLM and the vagrants (homeless) have carte Blanche on turning the city into a dump. Why don’t you do your,part in stopping them, Karen?

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