Portland woman turns humiliating men online into six-figure career

Ceara Lynch, 29, has bought two homes and a new car, paid of her college costs and traveled around the world, all paid for by a career of humiliating men online. (KPTV)

Like many people, Ceara Lynch had a bold streak when she was younger, but she now seems to live a simple life in southeast Portland.

Simple, except for her job.

"I verbally humiliate men on the internet and they pay me for it."

Lynch is a “humiliatrix,” a career she said that has allowed her to pay off her student loans and buy two houses, all by humiliating men for money.

According to the Portland native, she got her start at 17 years old when she started online dating.

She said she met a man who paid her $250 cash for her urine. According to Lynch, she began researching similar men online and found a way to make more cash.

"I sold my bathroom trash before,” she said. “Just any sort of kind of disgusting item that could be harvested off my body I was able to sell."

Since then she began appearing in webcam shows. She said she gets paid $10 a minute to talk down to men in the live broadcast.

While her job requires her to talk sexy, she said taking her clothes off is not part of the experience.

During the live broadcasts, Lynch fulfills a number of fetishes, from feet to something called “vore.”

"There are guys that get off on what’s called vore and it’s basically the fetish for being like swallowed and eaten and like digested," she explained. "Nowadays, thanks to technology, a woman just needs a webcam and a computer and she can take control of her own life and make her own money."

According to Lynch, now 29, she raked in six figures just last year.

"Just to be my own boss is priceless," she said.

And for anyone wondering how her family reacted to her choice of vocation, Lynch said when she told her parents about her job, her dad said she was a genius.

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