PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - A local woman has a warning after nearly falling for a real estate scam. Alison Boekenoogen says she nearly lost $200,000 when trying to buy a home in Portland this week. Police say she was working with a realtor and a title company to transfer that money.

That’s when she got a scam email that looked like it was from the title company telling her to send the cash to a different account. “What was scary is they had so many details, they knew I was at the title company the day before. They knew the exact amount of money I was supposed to be wiring. They had information that made it seem very real. Where there's no way anyone else would have that information,’ Boekenoogen, said.

Portland woman warns others about real estate scam

Image: KPTV

She added she almost fell for it, but unfortunately the title company and others had warned that wire fraud was on the rise and to make sure to call them to double and triple check. That’s when the title company told her that the email wasn’t from them. The good news is she was still able to finish the deal and it closes Friday.

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(5) comments


Oh, she fell for a scam, alright - she bought a house in a city that's a dem-run CESSPOOL!


The title company said the email wasn't from them, but the individual who sent it knew all about the details? Sounds like it was from someone affiliated with them.


So, kind of like the couple that were ambushed. A wake up call to realize one is being stalked and followed to place of business, as well as knowing privacy act information.

Only Biden and Harris should know that kind of information, and keep it secure on Hunter's laptop.


How did they get so many details?


It was likely an inside job.

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