Many homes and businesses near 23rd and Glisan in northwest Portland will spend Wednesday night in the dark after a natural gas explosion.

Twelve hours after the massive natural gas explosion that leveled a building and sent 8 people to the hospital, some residents were still waiting to get home.

Conrad Vandyke was one of them.

“I’ve lived here for a really long time,” Vandyke said.

He lives on the top corner apartment right next to Wednesday morning’s explosion.

“When the shock wave went through it knocked my blinds forward, the window out of the frame, my bed over and I ended up waking up on the floor, coming to on the floor,” Vandyke said.

He snapped a few pictures out his window before a second blast hit. Vandyke told Fox 12 he was only allowed to grab a few things before evacuating his home.

On Wednesday night he waited like many other tenants for a chance to get back in to his apartment to get some belongings. He says because of high CO2 levels only a handful of people were escorted in to get their belongings.

“They are trying to make sure that we get a second access tomorrow and then building is going to be evaluated for carbon monoxide again,” Vandyke said.

Down Hoyt street, Dean Fuller, and some of his buddies were left wondering when the power was going to be turned back on.

“We’re just kind of waiting it out,” Fuller said.

He says his front window was blown out by the blast. Fuller was just a few blocks away when the explosion happened.

“I have never had that feeling go through my chest,” Fuller said. "I mean all the building shook and I have never seen windows explode.”

With many without power in the popular stretch of northwest Portland, quite a few businesses closed for the evening. But two blocks away from the blast zone at Taste on 23rd, a group of folks were sipping on wine and eating cheese by candle light.

The business was only a handful that stayed open despite having no power.

“Everyone is just kind of in shell shock, and we thought we should open up and stay open so that anyone who needs a reprieve from the day could come on it,” Manager Leland Hart said.

The candle lit faces showing a glimmer of positive as the neighborhood works to bounce back, rebuild and get back to normal.

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