PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Portland saw yet another violent clash with police Sunday night as protests and riots have continued for months.

Sunday’s skirmish ended with 16 arrests as officers declared a riot in north Portland.

FOX 12 witnessed protesters set dumpster fires before police officers in riot gear started forcing protesters to move away from the Portland Police Association building off North Lombard Street.

Protesters threw things at officers, including fireworks. Officers were also spotted throwing people to the ground and launching pepper balls.

The police bureau released photographs of two officers that were hurt by illegal fireworks. One shows an officer with an abrasion on her neck and the other shows another with cuts on his legs.

The violence, once again, caught the eye of the president. President Donald Trump on Monday morning tweeted in part, “Portland, which is out of control, should finally, after almost three months, bring in the national guard. The mayor and governor are putting people’s lives at risk. They will be held accountable.”

It comes as demonstrations and rioting has continued nonstop for months, efforts in recent weeks have refocused away from downtown buildings after Gov. Kate Brown announced federal officers would no longer engage with protester in front of the federal courthouse.

Portland's protests continue as help from OSP set to end

KPTV image.

Instead, Oregon State Police were tasked with protecting the building and helping Portland police respond to protests that have lately targeted police buildings in the north and southeast sides of the city.

The agreement was expected to last just two weeks and expires Wednesday. FOX 12 reached out to OSP, Portland Police and the Governor’s Office about what happens next.

OSP said, “We are still in discussions regarding OSP involvement.”

Portland police said they didn’t have any information as to how long police will assist them. FOX 12 did not hear back from Gov. Brown’s office.

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(14) comments


The rioting will only stop when someone is killed. Sad, but true. Our elected officials can stop this, but politics are far more important to them than ANYONE'S life. This will backfire on them and only ruin a once beautiful city. You get what you vote for!


How about this:

Let the rioters riot, the vandals vandalize, and the looters loot

but bring in the Federal Police Force and arrest Governor Brown, Puppet Wheeler and every single City Board Member

Then allow the police to treat animals like animal and take back our city

How does that sound???




Portland's riots continue as help from OSP set to end. Fixed the headline for you KPTV




Oregon National Guard is the Governors and Mayors last chance . . . before the Federal Officers come back from recouping. Oh, and there will be many more this time.


Let Portland exemplify how a Sanctuary City and the Weirdest can tolerate crimes and violence. Sit back and relax. Everything will be all right. LOL.


Let OSP go back to their duties. Let Wacky Wheeler and Woopie Hardesty get their lazy rear ends out and stop what they started. Maybe they can get Kate, Wyden. Markley, Bonevechi and Blumenhaur to assist to quiet down the protesters.


How many people have died from minor cuts and abrasions?

Quit whining.


Sure seems to be a common thread with Antifa.

Frederick Fukov

Our city is covered in graffiti, in the homeless, in filth, in broken glass, destroyed statues, ruined businesses, and charred remains. Some officers may have permanent eyesight damage, even blindness. And the economic losses for many will be catastrophic. I think that goes a little deeper than "minor cuts and abrasions." Then again, you're about as a kiddie wading pool.


Right on Fred dear!![thumbup]

Frederick Fukov

That's "as deep as a kiddie wading pool." There..fixed it.



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