PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - The executive director of the Portland Police Association addressed the amount of shootings in the city, saying it's on the edge of a "gang war."

Daryl Turner says he hasn't seen violence in Portland like this since the 1990s. Just on Wednesday, Turner says the Portland Police Bureau received eight shooting calls. One was in the Parkrose neighborhood, where police say a man was shot and killed. Another was in the Woodlawn neighborhood where two people were injured.

Turner says the gun violence is directly related to defunding police. The Gun Violence Reduction Team, or GVRT, was disbanded last summer amid demonstrations that called for police reform. Critics had accused the GVRT of racial profiling, but Turner says the city needs the team back.

He says while the shootings are largely gang-related, they put all Portlanders at risk. His solution is investing back in the bureau.

"You can't build reform - the evolution of policing - without funding it properly. We need to have the number of officers, that we need to have and even more. We need to have the ability to be proactive in our neighborhoods in community policing to stop the gun violence, to slow the gun violence, to be able to take guns off the street like we used to be able to, to be able to do the things we used to do but still evolve in the way where the community feels safe, the community feels comfortable with that. We can do that, we have to put forth that effort and they're not doing it, city council is not budgeting for it and we can see the results right now," Turner told FOX 12.

PPA executive director says gun violence in Portland is directly related to defunding police

Portland Police Association Executive Director Daryl Turner (KPTV image)

Turner says more than 60 percent of people shot in Portland are people of color. He says more needs to be done to protect them.

"When we talk about social justice, racial equity, what about the justice for those victim families," Turner asked.

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(10) comments


RIP city, rest in (your) problems, Portland. Wheeler, Hardesty, Frederick's, Wyden (like Biden!), Merkley, Blumenauer, deFazio, Bonamici; all blissfully ignorant and collecting paychecks. Way to abandon the citizens, all of you politicians. Worthless!


Agreed !!!!!!


I think people have been trying to get Daryl to run for Mayor for years. But I'm sure the Progressives or Portland would rather vote for a White Antifa member than a Black cop because of their commitment to Black people.


"Turner says more than 60 percent of people shot in Portland are people of color. He says more needs to be done to protect them."

BLM will get right on that.


Man speaks with intelligence.

Too bad he can't be Governor, Mayor and Commissioner all at once.

Lexx Luthor

Say it ain't so Daryl. We'll pray for you and your officers .... for all the good it will do....Bring back : 1.) gang squad 2.) mounted horse patrol ((this is still The West !))

Anyone nitce that no production commpnaies film here any more just the Fake News crews and FOX


Turner gets it, but he's the only one. He's about the only leader in a city of pretenders, liars, and miscreants who spew venomous talk all over the city , in particular Jo Ann Hardesty.


Right on !!!!!!!!!!


Right on! It's about time we heard from the real police instead of the politicians and their appointees. :)


But it seems like most of Portland lets our elected clowns run the Police

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