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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - A man was shot and killed by an officer following a disturbance in southeast Portland Sunday evening.

At around 9:35 p.m., a Gresham officer and several Portland officers responded to a disturbance call in the 12400 block of Southeast Kelly Street.

Police said it was reported that a white man was making threats.

According to police, the Gresham officer deployed deadly force and shot the man. The man was pronounced dead at the scene.

The Portland officers were witnesses and did not deploy deadly force, according to police.

The investigation is ongoing, and no further details about the incident have been released.

A woman who lives nearby told FOX 12 what she heard before the shooting.

"We heard people arguing, that's about it. We did hear a car going by really fast, so some people think there's a road but the street ends. Then, other than that we just starting hearing gunfire," said Sarah Espinoza. "Of course with kids being around here that's quite dangerous."

Detectives with the Portland Police Bureau's Homicide Division, along with the Multnomah County District Attorney's Office, and the Oregon State Medical Examiner's Office are assisting in the investigation.

Police said the incident was not related to protests taking place in Portland Sunday evening.

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Police said incident "unrelated to protest". I would suggest, to a far more candid audience then the police give credit, the fact that a Gresham PD officer was responding to calls this far into Portland, and fact that no PPB members, who were on scene, discharged their weapons, that this incident was a result of fact that this was the product of the PPB having requested assistance from GPD as set out in mutual aid agreements between various outside agencies. Therefore it was a result of fact that the protests had required the city to exercise the mutual aid scenario, and thereby this man died as a indirect result of the protest. It's like what a fireman told me as a child when, walking to school one day, I pulled a fire alarm, which were then placed on telephone poles throughout the city,. The alarm went straight to fire dispatchers who immediately sent a truck to the alarm box. My brother was Captain of the safety patrol at our school and a friend of mine who started crying as the truck approached the location, which we were several blocks away from by then, told my brother what I had done and my brother flagged down the truck and gave me up. This fireman told me that if an actual fire call had come in while they were responding to my false alarm, it would be my fault if anyone was injured at the actual fire. Although I had nothing to do with that fire occurring, and wouldn't have pulled the alarm if I knew there would be another call at same time as my false call, it would fall on my shoulders for causing the delay in a timely response. These protests have caused a drain upon law enforcement resources to a point where PPB had to request assistance from an outside agency, like Gresham, who is notorious for hiring new cops fresh from the state police academy in Monmouth, which Portland doesn't really do, or used to not like to do. Portland once depended on lateral hires, cops would seek out transfer opportunities to get on the big city Police departments from all over the state, trained, fully vetted and proven officers rather then what Gresham hires routinely. Now, I suppose, all that is changing since PPB is asking literally anyone to apply. This once was a coveted job among LE generally.

Knowing that it was once that way, and not long ago either, makes me wonder, did the simple introduction of personal accountability for ones actions truly have that much of an impact that they should have such a shortage of bureau members, so many open and unfilled positions. Simply because society begins to hold LE to the same standards as police holds each individual citizen of this community each and every day of my life? Wow. In actuality we, as a community, should have always held LE too an even higher standard then the average citizen because we allow them to possess and exercise the highest level of authority that they do. No matter what, in courts throughout our country, if it boils down to whom is more credible in everyone's eyes, someone accused of wrongdoing or a police officer every juror and judge who's ever heard a case in history of this nation, the cop wins. Not simply most of the he time but always! Unless or until the accused can produce evidence which clearly proves a cop lied in a case, if a cop said you did it, and you said you didnt, just your word against his you are guilty as charged. And why is it, even today, an accused cannot gain access to the Portland police members employment file, which could set out and establish that a particular officer was say reprimanded for making false claims as an employee of the city? Why when over time the true character of a person will likely come out, do the district attorneys fight, and the police union demands every two years that the city maintain such files securely away from the general public and tooth and nail fight a particular defendant, when just letting a jury know that this officer has had instances where he's lied to the employer or supervisor or what have you and may not be telling the truth here today. Which if a defendant decides to tell their side of the story and has ever lied before, in any type situation, without exception, the DA will make certain the jury is painfully aware of that fact, if the judge himself doesn't make that issue known. Why is it like this today?


A critical detail is missing: was he an armed threat or is this yet another incident of trigger happy pansy cops?

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