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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Mayor Ted Wheeler was assaulted while dining at a northwest Portland restaurant Wednesday evening, Portland police confirmed to FOX 12.

Police told FOX 12 that Mayor Wheeler was at a restaurant in the 1900 block of Northwest Kearney Street at about 8:30 p.m. when a group of people came in and confronted him.

The confrontation was caught on camera and posted to social media. Warning: the video contains expletives.

According to police, one person punched Wheeler in the shoulder. No injuries were reported.

The suspect left, and no arrests have been made.

The investigation is ongoing, according to police. No further details were released.

FOX 12 reached out to Mayor Wheeler's office for comment, but have not heard back.

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(27) comments

Honest citizen

I have no love lost on Mayor Wheelers policys that allow homeless to poop all over the streets and Antifa to break all the windows downtown (even all of the city hall windows are boarded up). But this is just wrong. My heart goes out to the mayor and I wish him well. Had I been there I would have stood with him and assisted and hopefully there are still enough good folks who would do the same. It was B.S.and the hemoroids who abused him should be in jail.

Harry Sack

Leave Teddy alone, he's my man

Erik Erlow Eeckhart

this is the city YOU made teddy, live with it

Harry Sack

Correctamundo Mr. Erik


Freedom of speech at it's best!


While I don't support nearly all that the Mayor does, no one, him included, should be attacked verbally or physically while out in public. This isn't right and shouldn't be condoned. The loud mouthed clown was yelling to the Mayor to stop the sweeps. That loud mouth was a coward for attacking in a mob. Let the sweeps increase in regularity.


Since when is 2 people a mob? Also after reviewing the video, no one in any way punched let alone touched the idiot mayor.


Call the cops! Wait, they've been defunded. Jerko!


God, what a loser.


No one should have to put up with bullies at their home or while eating. Hopefully the person that put their hands on the mayor will be charged.




The left love to eat their own.


based antifa


Man up Ted and quit your whining. Oh wait, you can't man up because you got no spine.

Worst PDX Mayor Ever

Tommy Boy: "That..was..AWESOME!"

Seriously, that was just plain hilarious, and especially because those guys are all antifa, the ones he's allowed to destroy our city for the past 8 months. I mean, they should be thanking him. Instead, we will now because maybe now he'll finally grow a sack and call out the National Guard.


censors working overtime with this article, deleting comments.


Fox is now controlled by Disney. Their news resembles the Mickey Mouse Show.

Woke Eyesaidsir

Cartographers now place Portland Oregon inside a red circle with a red slash through it. Portland no longer a safe destination.... we know we live here!

Woke Eyesaidsir

Please don't say that "this is unfair" towards the Mayor.... because saying that will be read by all the innocents, businesspeople. and conservatives that will still read this commentary and still placing calls to the Mayor's Office looking to gets their lives and reputations BACK !!


There are restaurants open for inside dining in Portland?


Can’t you see this was in a tent ?


Last I heard, outside dining is supposed to be in a structure with at least 3 sides open. As you can clearly see there's two sides with the flaps closed, meaning the restaurant is most likely in violation of the tyrant queen's dictates. Perhaps, ted was explaining that to the restaurant owner while sipping on a glass of white wine.


It appears to be outside, on the sidewalk.


Doesn't matter, still no mask showing! Hypocrite!

Delta Bravo

Following Maxine's advice?


If you are referring to me, I never condone violence. I just wonder when Ted will realize that very few people in Portland care for him.


Hate is probably a better word.

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