PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – More than 150 bullets were fired outside an apartment building striking at least eight occupied apartments, seven cars and wounding one woman in northeast Portland Friday night. Police are unsure if the cars hit by gunfire were occupied at the time.

Portland police responded to the shooting at about 11: 08 p.m. in the 600 Block of northeast 87th Avenue. Responding officers closed northeast 87th Avenue north of northeast Glisan Street in Portland’s Montavilla neighborhood.

Neighbors tell FOX 12 that they had never seen this type of crime before.

“It’s like rapid fire, pow, pow, pow and where I was sitting a bullet just came flying through directly over my head and lodged on the wall,” Kemoh Sulimani.

“I looked out my window and right as I looked some gunshots just started erupting, Aragon Marks said.

Both men tell FOX 12 that they’re still terrified.

“The first thing by instinct was to hit the floor so I began crawling I turned the lights off I crawled out of my room like a baby,” Sulimani said.

Once officers secured the scene and found evidence of more than 150 rounds had been fired. The woman suffering from a gunshot wound in the arm and was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. She’s expected to survive.

Marks said he helped the woman who was shot while she waited for the paramedics.

“I ran inside and grabbed my medic bag and I applied a tourniquet to her arm. It looked like she was shot once and I got the bleeding to stop,” he said.

Marks said the area hasn’t been dangerous until recently when a shooting on July 27th left a man dead.

“We don’t feel safe here especially with it happening so crazy here like this and so soon. You know they shot everywhere, walls that weren’t even by anybody,” he said.

The two men are begging for city leaders to invest in more officers so that this doesn’t happen again.

“They had like a gang violence task force that are no longer funded which is unfortunate because as soon as that defunding happened all of this really peaked up,” Sulimani said.

“This is America and it’s a war zone with 150 shots in an apartment complex close to a Christian university how can we explain that?” Marks said.

The two neighbors we spoke with say they will be moving out of the complex because they no longer feel safe here.

The investigation is ongoing. No arrests have been made.

Anyone with information is asked to call Portland Police Bureau’s non-emergency at 503-823-3333 and reference case number 20-238571.

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(11) comments

Roberto Estrello Demar

Go ahead and cut the Portland Police Department, and put it fully in Hardesty's hands. The only real way to prove an idea's worth, either for good or bad, is to give it an honest try. Kinda like we did with our last 30 years worth of Leftist Governors, Chiefs, and Mayors. Put it squarely and fully in their hands and leave it there until the People really, truly holler "Nuff!" I mean, SERIOUSLY, allow Portland to go the way of Schumacher Furs. Put the Lefties in charge of PSU, and the city parks, land use planning, public works, engineering, legal, waste disposal, road construction and maintenance ... and DON'T RESCUE THEM! Just save out the schools. Putting our children under "progressive" tutors would be child Abuse most foul. Who knows ... JoAnn may have a silver bullet that will solve the city's problems. Then we could put up 5 statues for Goldschmidt, Roberts, Hardesty, Penny Harrington and The Elk.


It would be nice if people (government & oversite committees) looked at the big picture. A root cause analysis of what is going on, so sensible decisions can be made to address BLM and the safety of Portland citizens.

Erik Erlow Eeckhart

Fact: July was the 1st month without Gun Violence Reduction Team. Fact: July was the deadliest month in Portland for the past 30 years.


It's almost laughable when people say they want certain things done "so this will never happen again." That folks is fantasy. As long as people depend on the police for their safety, there will be no safety. Police protection is an oxymoron. When seconds count, the police are minutes away. Most of the time, they get there after the victim is already the victim.


Yet the left wants to abolish the potland police that are out gunned and out of work thanks to Wheeler. Stupid is as stupid does.


'PPB: More than 150 bullets strike 8 apartments, 7 cars, 1 woman in NE Portland' Be sure to send Spineless Ted and the rest of the city council a big thank you card for defunding the police, along with the bill for all the damages.

Delta Bravo

Quick, send out the social workers to pick up the shell casings.


Defund the Police? Alrighty then, this is what going to happen all the time when that happens. I'm so glad I moved out of that cesspool that is now PDX.


Let "Predator's daughter" Hardesty handle it. No need for Police any more!


Yep. Unbeliveable to think that woman has any idea how to police a city, or be in charge of anything. Why don't we see other city commissioners on camera, does Hardesty have them all buffaloed and they are afraid tio speak because they don't agree with that loon?


Between the beginning of June and end of July this year, there were 125 reported shootings, the Portland Police Bureau reported Thursday. During that same time frame in 2019, there were a total of 59 shootings.

And so far in July there have been 15 slayings, police said.

Earlier this month the police department’s Gun Violence Reduction 34-member team was dissolved in response to police reform changes. Now officers from patrol are being transferred to the detective division to help follow-up on shootings and homicides, Lovell said.

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