PPB: Nails on Interstate Ave seems to be a deliberate act

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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - It’s apparently a growing problem in north Portland: nails seem to be appearing in the bike lane along a two-mile stretch on N. Interstate Ave.

The incidents have caught the attention of a Portland city commission.

Commissioner Chloe Eudaly’s office says they, along with PBOT and Portland police, are looking into the reports of nails scattered about.

Eudaly’s office says they are in talks with Portland police about it.

Portland police officers say they were alerted to the issue last fall and are looking into it. The Bureau says the traffic division has been riding the route. At first, officers thought the nails may be coming from construction debris, but at this point, think they are being put they’re on purpose.

Most of the nails appear along Interstate Avenue between Lloyd Blvd and Greeley Ave. It’s a two mile stretch.

Portland Police say the nails aren’t all the same; they’ve seen galvanized roofing nails, framing nails, and others.

Jessica Hunter, a cyclist who commutes on Interstate, created a twitter account to call attention to what riders are seeing. She says she is glad to hear the city is looking into the issue. She adds it is dangerous for not only cyclists but drivers as well.

“It’s nice to feel like this problem has finally been recognized and someone is doing something about it,” Hunter said. “The last thing that we need are nails on the road, they are not just dangerous to cyclists, but someone could easily puncture their car tire as well.”

Portland police say they are continuing to look into the case and will stay in regular contact with PBOT.

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I did this years ago when finally had enough of the annual bike race closing my road. I could not get home to feed my livestock. Over 1500 bicycles and the riders littlering and pooping on my driveway. I went out the night before and scattered black roofing tacks. It was ideal.

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